Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker


Action / Adventure / Family / Thriller

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Andy Serkis as John D'Auban
Ewan McGregor as Curt Wild
Mickey Rourke as The Bookie
Sarah Bolger as Christy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jackcwelch23 2 / 10 / 10

Unwatchable cringe-worthy junk

A tepid spy movie that deviates from the gritty excitement of the books that inspired it and instead offers boring action scenes, cardboard acting and campy silliness that outstayed it's welcome in the 90's. Every scene that was potentially interesting was butchered. From the dumb cowboy rope tricks in the junkyard, the boring bike chase, the boring horse chase, the fight scene played along with TV cartoons, Bill Nighy's TERRIBLE turn as Alan Blunt (with the masterful line "He's about as charming..... AS A SNAKE!, did you add that one in Anthony Horowitz? it wasn't in your book?) and criminally wasted cameos from Jimmy Carr and Stephen Fry. I was in love with the Alex Rider books as a kid. My heart broke upon watching this movie. It's bad in every way a movie can be bad. I was glad it was a box office dud so they couldn't follow up with 9 more wastes of time and money. Which is a shame because I wanted some entertaining spy action thrillers watch over and over again like i did with Bond. Instead we got 1 horrible misfire you couldn't pay me enough to watch again.Man was this movie awful. Alex Pettyfer is the wrong choice as Alex, not only is his eye and hair colour wrong, he is so indifferent playing a schoolboy who becomes a spy you'd think that he had fallen asleep throughout the movie then woken up right before the credits saying "I was in a movie was I?" compare that to the harrowing emotional journey of his book counterpart. Like comparing Shakespeare to 50 shades of Grey in terms of quality. Adding in Sabina Pleasure for seemingly no reason other than having a pretty girl to join in on the "fun" was one of the dumbest and nonsensical choices. Mickey Rourke is well... Mickey Rourke, rather than an actual character. That Mr. grin guy looked about as menacing as an old cab driver with a cold. And Damian Lewis hanging upside down off a helicopter every time he shoots someone? bugger off. They should have given this movies $40 million budget to the red cross or something. Game over Alex. At least the audio books are still fun to listen to.

Reviewed by Tkbn3812 1 / 10 / 10

Decent film, but has obvious flaws throughout

Stormbreaker is a 2006 film about a 15 year old, Alex Rider, who is recruited into the MI6 spy agency and assigned a mission to expose the plot of an evil mastermind billionaire. This British film, based off a novel, was a decent watch. The basic premise is of a teenage James Bond. The film can be applauded for a decent plot centering around the main character, although this plot is far from perfect as I will mention later on. But issues in the production of the film are quite clear. Fighting scenes were poorly choreographed, with the apparent use of quick camera pans completely overloading and confusing these scenes. The colour scheme seems ever so slightly saturated throughout the film, which seems strange seeing as though this is a fairly recent 2006 movie. The plot too wasn't perfect. The main character Alex is whisked from his normal life to spy training, and then his mission, all in a few weeks. It makes absolutely no sense that MI6 would choose to send a new teenage recruit on this risky mission in place of an experienced spy. This, alongside other glaring plot holes, make the film rather unbelievable. The plot is fairly predictable, and hardly has you on the edge of your seat. Clearly in writing the screenplay adaptation of the novel, key elements were skimmed over or overlooked, creating a strangely paced film plot. While the acting of Alex Rider is done very well by actor Alex Pettyfer, one notable misfire was in the character of Alan Blunt, playing the MI6 director. However, perhaps the error was not in the abilities of actor Bill Nighly, but rather in the poor characterisation of his character by the writers. This character comes off as harsh, insensitive, and interestingly enough blunt, after his name, potentially leading me to believe this character was intentionally written as such. Regardless, his character is definitely unpleasant. This film cannot qualify as a notable or impressive spy film, but it has the foundations of a good movie. While predictable, the plot definitely has potential, and had more time been spent on its development it would have vastly improved. Clearly more care needed to be taken in choreography of the fight scenes. However, the film isn't a horrible watch. There are definitely worse ways to spend one and a half hours.

Reviewed by darkness-07 1 / 10 / 10

Great cast, great book, terrible film

I was a huge fan of Alex Rider from the moment I picked up Stormbreaker. However, this film... this is nothing at all like the books that people love. The good things: I can't think of anyone better to play Alan Blunt than Bill Nighy. Mickey Rourke and Andy Serkis... All brilliant castings Stephen Fry played the role well, with added humour, but Smithers in the book was always described as extremely fat. Just another thing that the film changed from the books. Different gadgets, changed storyline to include Sabrina (we don't meet her until the fourth book if I remember correctly) to be a "damsel in distress" character When the film came out I remember I was one of the first to watch it at the cinema, which was completely packed, and I was not the only one that was extremely disappointed with it. They have ruined a brilliant book series for me. I will carry on reading the books over and over again, but much like Twilight: brilliant books, terrible films. I had thought that this would be the next Harry Potter at the time, but oh boy how I was wrong

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