Algorithm: BLISS


Horror / Romance / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.2 10 35


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January 12, 2021



Ryan Farrell as Robert
Sarah Roemer as Elizabeth
Sean Faris as Vic
Thomas Kopache as Psychotic Man
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by folkerspit 5 / 10 / 10

Late night fodder but watcheable

Plot sounds good but a few items were hard to take on board. Instance - the businessman that gives them a break... I wouldn't buy a pound of potatoes from him. The love interest could have dropped. Picked up when they did a job on guy in car. Poor sod. I couldn't see any drips for the guy on the slab....5 days? No wonder he was going downhill.

Reviewed by gothic-fiction / 10

Not quite Mudita.

Well, not unique, cause that seems impossible nowadays, yet, nevertheless, entertaining and well crafted. Because it was a better experience than most, I'm going to hit the positives and negatives fast, in order to keep some mystery for the viewer and not reveal anything that might ruin one's ride: the plot is better, the execution delivers and the actors did a fine job. Most likely, due to a small budget, there were different problems here, as in cinematography itself looks odd at times, pacing isn't quite constant and we have very few technicalities on screen. It is hard to decide whether to recommend this or not, because as a horror, it delivers nothing, as a psychological, yes, it flourishes nicely, yet one thing bugged me the entire time and that's the main character's motives. Even in the last moments of the movie, somehow, logic and common sense seemed to have left Algorithm: Bliss, and I was left there with what I can only describe as, a mess of excuses. Overall, I have seen far worse than this, and that is saying a lot, so, for a view on a lonely, cold night, I guess it might do the job. Just don't expect much and be prepared for a very cliched ending. Cheers!

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