Alice in Earnestland


Comedy / Drama / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mrmachachi 6 / 10 / 10

Decent, not great

The genre lists it as a comedy, thriller, drama. It is not a comedy. Not even black comedy. It's a depressing tale of a woman who tries to help her recently deaf husband get a cochlear implant, then a series of events go wrong, and he ends up in a coma. At that point she is happy to learn her area is going to be redeveloped, and she might be able to pay off his medical bills. However, a local, manipulative, female therapist forces residents to oppose the redevelopment so it will be done in her area. This leads to vengeance and violence. It is closer to the films like "Lady Vengeance". The only real problem is the third act and especially the resolution, which seem basic and bland. Would I recommend it? Not really. It's like a 5.5 or 6 out of 10. Am I upset I watched it? No. I watch a ton of Asian films, and they are hit or miss. For me, this was overall decent. But I wouldn't rave about it. That's all I can say. Wash your ass and decide if a vengeance film about a meek woman rising to the challenge against anti-housing developers to save her comatose husband sounds good to you.

Reviewed by fluffset 7 / 10 / 10

bloody and gory tales of housewife.

Looks like its been a long time since Korean did some brutal movie like what they always did in the past, especially the one that lead by a woman such as "Bedevilled" (2010) and "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance" (2005). I never read the synopsis, I know that based on the poster it looks like some horror/slasher movie but when the movie starts, Oh! its some gory black comedy, one of Korean best genre that's usually come from Park Chan Wook, one of the South Korean greatest director. So, this movie is an indie movie, a cheap budget one, but honestly, they don't look cheap at all. With a great acting, editing and cinematography whatsoever from a new director, Ahn Gooc-jin. It looks so good, its breathtaking, full of suspense and everything. You don't know what the wife will do for the sake of her beloved husband. Don't underestimate the wife. Its what I learned from this movie. A good brutal movie, enjoy it!

Reviewed by jim-79880 7 / 10 / 10

Alice falls once again.

This Park Chan wook-esque tale showcases the gloom of reality with its stylish presentation. Gritty colors, gory visuals and fast-paced editing all harmonizes as a one solid work. Extreme plot that drives the film takes away some realistic values, resulting an ironic sense of comedy. This humor eventually comes back as a form of criticism to our current society's conflict-classicism most dominantly. The movie urges the audience to separate themselves from the story by treating itself as a fantasy flick. Hence, Alice in the earnestland. Alice once again has fallen, and once again the line between her reality and her fantasy has been blurred.

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