Alien Abduction

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Reviewed by kuriyamininja 7 / 10 / 10

One of my favorite e.t. films. but....

I liked this movie allot but i find one thing really weird about it... You cant find it ANYWHERE for purchase. I would really like to own this movie but when searching for it to buy there's close to absolutely nothing. the only blu-ray copies i could find are all UK imports and aren't formatted for US players. I even work in a movie store and we don't have it... its not even in our system... the film was good quality. the acting was great. The actors are even American yet its like a hard copy of this does not exist... could it be aliens?... or worse... our government blocking us from contemplating the existence of ET's???

Reviewed by pesic-1 8 / 10 / 10


It's 'Signs' all over again, only with a tiny budget and crappy actors. Then again, the dialogue is so poorly written, it doesn't matter. As for the plot, it just makes no sense at all. It's one stupid thing after another. As I watch these found footage films, I can't help but wonder who in the hell greenlights these projects. Any competent screenwriter should be able to rewrite the script used for this film in one afternoon and make it noticeably better. So what is going on? Somebody help me out, please. I give it one star. It might be two, but I'm really upset with bad found footage scripts so I'm giving it one. It's a rubbish film.

Reviewed by William Davis 8 / 10 / 10

Scared the bejesus out of me

How on earth does this film have a 4.8 average? I know some people automatically pan "found footage" movies, but give me a break. This is beautifully executed, tense as hell, and worthy of your time. The camera work deserves special mention, managing to both look like camcorder footage and serve as a clinic on how to work in low light and brilliant light to excellent effect. The sound design is brilliant as well - I watched this with headphones on and found the experience entirely immersive. In short, if the plot description interests you, don't be swayed by the low rating. This is a fine flick, as good as any found-footage film I've ever seen, and it's one of the scariest films I've seen - found-footage or not.

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