Alien Addiction

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Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 4 / 10 / 10

Aliens in NZ

Riko lives in Waikato, New Zealand, which is as close to the middle of nowhere as it gets. While nearly every day is the same, things change when two aliens land and become his friends. However, an alientologist has been hunting the extraterrestrials and wants to reveal them to the world. Alien Addiction was written and directed by Shae Sterling, a veteran of more than 125 music videos for artists like Sheila E and Snoop Dogg, as well as a series of documentaries called High Octane. New Zealand still feels like, well, alien territory for most of us, so seeing how interplanetary visitors fit in there is a pretty fun concept. Thirty three years after Bad Taste, it seems like aliens are coming back to New Zealand. These ones are more interested in friendship than they are with treating our planet as a galactic drive-thru, so that's good. The blue aliens are goofy looking in the best of ways and get high off of poop, so that right there should tell you what kind of movie you're getting into here. You may have some difficulty understanding the Kiwi accents, so consider watching this with close captioning on.

Reviewed by jermaineleef 9 / 10 / 10

Shae Stterling and Jimi combo

Wow! Jimi Jckson in his first movie and he has an incredible awareness and presence in this film. Full credit to Shae Sterling in his debut film too, written, funded, directed and everything on his own back. Kiwi style!

Reviewed by garthbray 9 / 10 / 10

Instant cult classic!

Raw and real as Peter Jackson's "Bad Taste", more bro' than Taika Waititi's "Boy", and up there with Kevin Smith's "Clerks" as a debut indie film. Jimi Jackson carries this. Massive co-star from Aotearoa/New Zealand landscapes. Director, DOP & screenwriter Shae Sterling has 50-plus great music vids to his name but this debut in feature film shows his dedication and talents.

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