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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by markthomassintek 5 / 10 / 10

Budget or lack of it but still enjoyed it

REVIEW - ALIEN OUTBREAK As we all know films do cost a lot of money to make and films made must try their best to make a profit, Hollywood has the monopoly on this and uses their money to advertise films which are made there, whilst the British film industry has less money but even Hollywood would argue that sometimes British movies can be better. This film is a prime example, it could have been so much more, don't get me wrong the story is very good with a twist at the end which you don't see coming, but if this had more money thrown at it this could have been one of the biggest British films this year as we have seen with 1917. Acting terrible, story good with a twist, special effects are passable but isn't as paced as some films and unfortunately the lack of budget is evident, but saying all this I still enjoyed this British film about a part of Britain being invaded by aliens (or is it?). Rating 5 out of 10

Reviewed by fad-38798 7 / 10 / 10

The fake reviews are better than the film.

The title tells you everything you need to know. I quite like a good fake review, shows creativity (lacking in said movie), some attention paid to dialogue (also missing in the movie) and hopefully a way with words that develops the plot and tells, rather than shows how bad the movie is. Shame the production values of the fake reviews match those of the film. Brand new accounts, with only a single review, are a giveaway that they were extras or gave up a weekend to work on the entire movie for free. Enjoy. If you can...

Reviewed by lathe-of-heaven 7 / 10 / 10

Decent, engaging Sci Fi / Horror film. Good Suspense, excellent effects. Not too bad at all really for a low budget Indie...

My thoughts pretty much go along with TheTopDawgCritic's review, but perhaps a bit more favourable. His Title states that he 'Wanted to stop watching, but couldn't' Well, in my lowly and wretched opinion, I honestly felt that the movie was fairly well put together and quite engrossing. There isn't a lot of huge action and effects, so expect definitely a tense, but somewhat lower key film. Usually, at least for me with these kinds of movies, is that most of the time there are numerous BAD things about the way they are done that definitely detract from the story and make it less enjoyable. But, that is what I liked about this one... There is nothing hugely amazing or monumental about it, but being an avid Science Fiction fan, especially of the more 'serious' type, I truly felt that it was a solid little film that was made well and put together in a competent fashion. YES, the 'shaky camera' got to be a little much for my taste at times and therefore I probably would have personally preferred a slightly more Classic approach that way, but I can see where the film makers were going for more of an intense, 'this is really happening' kind of vibe. Which, for the most part seemed to work fairly well. The acting was nothing to get too excited about, but I felt that it was serviceable to the story and got the job done. Some complained about the lead woman, but I honestly felt that the way she came across was just the right balance, which I feel in this kind of role is hard to get right. She was strong and competent, but at the same time she didn't come across as artificially overbearing and obnoxious, which is how some woman in roles like this are superficially portrayed to beat the audience over the head with the fact that she is 'tough' This actress didn't have to do that, but just quietly but I felt believably took the lead as the 'sergeant' in a realistic, but low key way. Everyone else was just okay... BUT... the thing I really liked about this movie that others have mentioned too was that I really dug the effects, robots, ships, and eerie creatures and the way they were portrayed. Whomever was behind this part of the production I felt did a great job! And yes, not to give anything away, but the ending may be a little unexpected, and it DOES kind of leave you a bit up in the air. But, I thought it achieved the effect the creators were going for. Unlike some other reviewers here, I thought the Suspense was VERY palpable and intense at times and quite effective. And, something that I really appreciated which I referred to earlier on was that there weren't a bunch of STUPID things that were done that could have easily taken away from and diminished the effectiveness of the story. To me when I write these reviews from time to time, the PRIMARY thing I always try to stress is, 'Is the movie made well...?' A person may not like the type of film or may prefer a different kind of Science Fiction, but whatever the case, again, is it done well...? And, I feel that yes it was. MUCH better than many, many others out there that rely on a bunch of artificial, shlocky, Drama and screaming and nonsense. Just a good, solid story told in a decent way. I would say that if you like fairly serious Alien-oriented Sci Fi and you can appreciate a fairly simple straight forward story, but one that has a strong sense of Suspense and Mystery and some pretty nifty low key effects, then there is a good chance that you might enjoy it...

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