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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dnmulder-77664 8 / 10 / 10

A scarily thin line between schlock and sheer terror

Let me start this review off by saying that in no way do I think this movie is fantastic, artsy or amazing. I know this is a low-budget horror movie, but I think it's absolutely great at what it does, and that's mainly because it's a low-budget movie. I think it wouldn't have worked, had it been a big blockbuster title. The rating I give here is based on my point of view, which is completely personal. I would say that I'm a self proclaimed 'Horror movie buff.' I've seen about a 100 to 200 horror movies up until now, ranging from absolutely awful to amazingly immersive. But, no matter what amazing 9 or 10 / 10 horror movies I watch, this one somehow remains to stay at the top of my favourites. Why? Most likely because of the thin line between schlock and sheer horror and terror this movie manages to bear. There's something absolutely underlyingly creepy about this film, and every time I watch it, the ending sequence manages to give me the chills. The concept of some freak-o slipping an old tape into an innocent trick-or-treater's candy bag on Halloween sounds plausible enough as it is- and combining it with the old babysitter horror cliché gives it some believability. (to me, at least.) The film has some odd and roll-your-eyes moments, and some of the acting is a little painful, (I'm looking at you, kid actors and actress from the alien sequence.) However, I must give credit to Katie Maguire for her convincing performance, especially at the end, you'll know what I mean when you see it. This film consists of four stories, one being the main plotline, and three small stories that exist on the VHS tape that the kids and the babysitter watch. The main story is nicely thought out, has some fantastic moments, and wraps up nicely. The first story on the tape is okay, and has enough scary/grotesque moments to make you look away a couple of times. The second story on the tape is complete schlock and made me laugh out loud when I first watched it: up until the end. The third one is completely different from the other two, and is the best in terms of horror out of the three. Don't take my high review as a sign of 'This movie is amazing, everyone must watch it!', but rather as a minor reccomendation. Go into this with 0 expectations, and enjoy yourself. Close the blinds, turn the lights off, and just watch the movie. Preferably on Halloween itself, of course. A solid 8/10, based on the snorts and chills I got and still get from this movie every now and then!

Reviewed by Finfrosk86 5 / 10 / 10

Very uneven, middle movie is a joke, but the clown is awesome

Huh. This is a bit of a shame. Because this movie could have been a lot better, had it not been for the horrible middle movie. This is three short movies, tied together by a background movie, and they are slightly mixed together. The background movie is OK, actually.. and the first short is not bad. But the second one is awful. I mean, jeez, pretty much everything about it sucks. The costumes being the very worst thing about it. It looks like you sent a kid to a junk yard, with 2 minutes to put together a costume with what he/she could find there. It looks totally ridiculous, and not the least tiny bit scary. It also relied way to heavily on crying, begging and screaming which I HATE. Such a cheap, tiresome, dumb way to try to make something scary. The third movie.. uhm, well, it's not that bad. Shoddy acting drags it down some. But it had some awesome gore. Art the clown is the only really good thing in this, he looks awesome. Really scary and creepy. I really just wrote this review to tell you how sucky the second/middle movie is. It's almost worth checking out for the stupid looking costume.

Reviewed by Zbigniew_Krycsiwiki 5 / 10 / 10

I wanted to bash the clown in the face with a frying pan

I've always had a weakness for anthology horror films, so this one, about a babysitter watching a mysterious VHS tape secretly given to her charges, intrigued me, but the end results are only a mixed bag. Built up from several short films made by this film's makers, this comes off as a patchwork, vaguely reminding me of the trainwreck, Night Train To Terror, only not as howlingly awful. Vignettes are about a demonic clown kidnapping women, a silly looking alien invading a woman's home, and another story of the same clown terrorising another young girl on the highway late at night, with a twist which doesn't seem plausible, so much as it seems like the filmmakers desperately just wanted a pointless surprise twist ending. The compilation film works better when it focuses on mood and atmosphere, because it is good looking and well filmed ( for the most part ) and it makes good use of colours, in a lot of scenes, but it goes way overboard trying to make the short films presented on the VHS look like old film footage, with artificial scratches, and static on the soundtrack. No VHS tape ever had things like that. Nor did a VHS tape ever have such ridiculous colour saturation, as is show here. The torture effects drown out what atmosphere is built in the other scenes. The twist ending is well done, if predictable. Overall, go into this with middle of the road expectations, it will be mildly amusing, and​ at only 76 minutes ( without the opening and closing credits ) it's a quick sit.

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