All I Want for Christmas


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Eddie Deezen as Froggy
Martin Klebba as Calvin
Melissa Sagemiller as Elizabeth
Tom Arnold as Charles
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by story_by_corey 5 / 10 / 10

Self-Discovery Through a Mind-Reading Broach

Typical Christmas-romance where self-infatuated girl meets the guy of her dreams during a coffee spill incident. Through the help of an elf, she obtains a mind-reading jewelry device that allows her to become more self-aware in order to find personal and professional fulfillment. The relationship between Elizabeth (Melissa Sagemiller) and Robert (Brad Lowe) feels forced. The remaining cast seem like bit players. I don't know why Tom Arnold was in the movie as his character adds nothing to the story. However, Martin Klebba as Calvin the Elf makes the movie enjoyable and his segments serve as the storyline anchor to keep things moving along. This movie is a lot like holiday candy. It's satisfying while you watch it, but you will be craving something more substantial soon after it's over. It's worth watching once if nothing better is on TV.

Reviewed by jk-692-236394 2 / 10 / 10

Mean person gets to hear what people really think of her.

What's not to love about that? This was a fun movie. I thought the acting was solid. Tom Arnold has a minor role. He is stiff and gives off a strange vibe as the boss, but doesn't he always? The lead character is a self centered, rude, and selfish person. Then an elf gives her a broach that allows her to hear what people are thinking. She quickly get's over the shock of negative thoughts/and men thinking she is hot, and moves right on to how to selfishly use it to her own good. Staying right in character. It all plays out as expected, but it is a fun ride. The actress elevates it a above a cheesy holiday movie. Enjoyable 90 minutes.

Reviewed by dlxmarks 2 / 10 / 10

A script generated by software would have been better

I really shouldn't bother commenting because I recognize that this movie is simply holiday schedule filler featuring actors that don't get cast very often. And I admit I watched only the first 10 minutes. But those 10 minutes were enough to get me to turn off the TV and head to IMDb to comment. I'm going to blame the writers and director rather than the cast for how awful it was. Melissa Sagemiller's Elizabeth is so abrasive and unprofessional that not only would she not be an ad agency vice-president, she wouldn't even be employed. And the repeated drink spilling gag: I guess it's lucky for the characters that the only beverage in their universe is room temperature water served in coffee cups because no one screamed in pain from being scalded or got their clothes stained. There was a profound amount of lazy film making just in the opening 3 scenes and I assumed things would go downhill from there.

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