All In: The Fight for Democracy



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by byoungkin 1 / 10 / 10

A "Documentary" With Serious Slant

Like most political "documentaries," this one also chooses to showcase only one side of the political spectrum. Using often out of context sound-bites, and a cast of supporters from the Previous Presidential Administration, Cortes and Garbus use their political party's talking points to inaccurately paint a picture of "unfairness."

Reviewed by dcmackdon 1 / 10 / 10

Simply Blame Game Doc

The first 40 mins I paid attention, but then it when into the blame game and simply it comes down to if a Republican wins an election he or she cheated and if a Democrat wins the system worked, really.. if a Republican loses and they contest they being childish or if a Democrat loses and they contest they are standing up for fairness. The doc just went into propaganda, the problem with propaganda is that it is not entirely wrong but they always leave out crucial information. Voter suppression does exist, but they are not being 100% accurate here. For one example, when it comes to this doc the idea is that 70% of the people supposedly turned away would 'all' vote blue and they are all non-white, tho they showed white people turned away also, huh, that is just 'bubble' thinking. Hilarious how one person wins, people screamed voter fraud, then when that person said voter fraud, those same people said oh no it didn't exist. We just live in a constant political blame game.

Reviewed by brockkitchen 1 / 10 / 10

Same old political one-sidedness

I watched this to gain a better perspective and gain more understanding into both sides of the voting debate. It was not worth my time. Only present one side of the story without establishing any credibility.

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