All Light Will End


Horror / Thriller

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Andy Buckley as Dan Dixon 1 episode, 2016
John Schuck as Psychiatrist
Katie Garfield as Kelly Rae
Sarah Butler as Claire
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by OverlordManny 3 / 10 / 10

I was interested, but it was a let down.

I realize that when watching indie films not to expect big budgets or top calibur acting. I can live without that and sometimes prefer that. What does need to be great is the story and the direction. I was really interested in the story here but it just went off of the rails. First off is the time line. The group of friends leave on a six hour trip a little after 10:30am but somehow arrive after dark. Then the other time line for the police is also off. I realized later that they are discovering the bodies that are being murdered the night/morning after the friends arrive at the cabin, but after finding the girl's head they get a phone call to go the the address of the cabin where Savannah's Boyfriend is being murdered. How can the police not already be at the cabin? They even state that the woman's dog is not strong enough to have dragged the head very far and the girl was killed right near the cabin only minutes before. The boyfriend literally left the murder scene and went to the cabin to call the cops. Where did the police chief drive to? I'd think he could have crossed the road and been there. The main character's actress is a bit wooden, she's likely just inexperienced, but the direction for her is awful. It's one thing to mislead the audience by having a character pretend not to know what's going on when other people are around, but Savannah seems to be genuinely confused about what's going on when she's alone as well. What was the 'dream' outside the cabin where she steps in blood? She seems totally confused about it but she's the one that killed her friend's boyfriend that the blood in her dream represents. Is it suppressed memories or does she have a split pesonality? If so neither are made clear to the audience. Another bit of weirdness is the deputies goofing around with each other. Why is there any amount of silliness in this movie? It was awkwardly out of place. Also as another user mentioned... Why would someone not look for their boyfriend/girlfriend when they didn't come to bed? It's not like they're at home and playing video games or watching tv in another room, they're in a strange place. They'd go to bed together unless something bad happened. I also don't get the mother's character. Why is she so cruel to her daughter? She didn't have enough development to be the 'bad guy' that they made her. I don't even really understand how she actually died. Did Savannah smother her or did she hang herself. Are we supposed to assume Savannah hoisted the body up with a rope after she smothered her with a pillow? I can't say not to watch it, because even with all of it's flaws, it held my interest. But don't expect to feel good with how it ends.

Reviewed by Platypuschow 2 / 10 / 10

All Light Will End: Agonizing

Ahhhh 1/10 we meet again! So rare they are, but how much damage to my faith in the industry they do. All Light Will End has some beautiful retro almost Argento like cover art so I was intrigued from the outset. Combine that with the memorable title and I thought this could be a title to turn 2018 around because it still sits as one of the worst years in cinema history on my analytics. It tells the story of................well it has a girl and...............and she has dreams.............and..........stuff..........happens?! So yeah, the film isn't exactly easy to follow. I'm not saying it's complex, I'm not saying its intelligent, I'm saying it's an absolute mess that makes absolutely no sense. Played out in the real world, dream sequences and visions the story is baffling, the pace is ridiculous and the whole movie is a real chore. I may be hard to impress, but it's also very hard to get a 1/10 out of me. That suggests a film has not one single redeeming feature! And All Light Will End ticks that box. The Good: Fantastic cover art The Bad: Everything across the board Things I Learnt From This Movie: That singing wouldn't have assisted my sleeping, I'd have been engrossed!

Reviewed by angeladenis 2 / 10 / 10

Sooooo bad!

Horrible acting. Way too many errors. Really dumb script- it's the middle of the night-my boyfriend is missing-he must have gone for a run....yeah.....that must be it.

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