All My Husband's Wives



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Erin Karpluk as Mandy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by deedrala 7 / 10 / 10

Killer WAS revealed at the end!

First off, let me say that the other reviews saying the killer was never revealed are wrong - it obviously went right over their heads because the killer was indirectly revealed a minute or two before the end - indirectly but absolutely revealed, and I must admit it took me by surprise. I can usually figure these LMN movies out, but this had me stumped clear to the end when it all came out. Throughout the movie, the strongly implied suspicion was thrown on the other two wives: the one who had spent time in a psychiatric institution and the one who was cold and seemingly heartless, to lead the audience to wrestle between the two while trying to determine which one drove the car that killed the bigamist husband at the beginning. I should've known just from that often-used ploy alone that it was the one who wasn't in the least bit suspicious - the one who was calm, sensible, and rational. Loved the tricky, twisty, surprising ending. The writers did a decent job with this one - and it's one of those movies that you just have to watch a second time now that you know who the 'criminal mastermind' was that manipulated the others (including the detective) - to understand how she pulled it off.

Reviewed by redlightlessness 10 / 10 / 10

Actually not so bad

Despite it's a B class movie it's a very good one. Acting and text is really good. I can say i really liked it. It wouldn't be a waste of your time i suppose.

Reviewed by donnaannmoore 10 / 10 / 10

Surprisingly well written movie for LMN

Of all the Lifetime Movie Network movies my Fiancee makes me watch this one was the best written, acted, and funniest I've seen. I completely thought this was a real movie and no just the low budget flings that LMN usually has. For starters the characters are well written and acted especially Erin Karpluk who plays Alison in the movie. She has great lines and emotion that definitely shows in the highlights of the movie. The supporting cast is also great and I can't praise enough how the director did not waste any characters. Everyone had a part and usefulness to the plot. Finally, the ending is an incredible twist and shows the Actresses true ability to hide her motive the whole time. Again I can't praise this movie enough and the director/writer who wrote this should definitely be doing full budget films. This is a must see!

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