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Christian Kane as Billy
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Richard Kind as Reporter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thedonmoyers 10 / 10 / 10

Spot-on mockumentary on youth sports

"All-Stars," told in the mockumentary style of "Best in Show" and "This is Spinal Tap," follows the antics of helicopter parents and self-important officials of a 10-year-old girls fastpitch softball league in Santa Monica, California. Anyone involved with youth sports will immediately recognized the characters, which include a temper-challenged dad, the stats-obsessed guy chasing a scholarship and the mother in denial about her daughter's (lack of) talent, but the stereotypes especially ring true for anyone associated with fastpitch. At 10, "every girl is Jenny Finch," says writer, producer and director Lance Kinsey, who also plays the head coach. The players -- a real softball team, natch -- are adorable, but not really the focus of the movie. Instead, it's a hilarious send up of anxious parents scheming to see their children make the post-season all-star team. The cast is filled with recognizable character actors who play their roles perfectly. Note: This movie really is NOT for kids, unless you don't mind harsh language and some sexual innuendo.

Reviewed by Disneywed1999 10 / 10 / 10

A Fastpitch family delight

Outstanding representation of the lunacy that is girl's fast pitch softball. If you are involved in the sport of have ever been ( player or parent) you will see people you "know" in every character. As usual this group makes for a hysterical movie regardless of the topic, some newer faces in this one, and some we've seen for years. I watched the first time alone and had some serious laugh out loud, startle the dog moments. Second time with my 14u fast pitch kid. She loved it! "OMG, Mom, that is so my coach from last year!" " OMG mom, that is YOU!" ( didn't love that one...) Short but sweet summary, great movie for everyone...FABULOUS movie for fast pitch people. Enjoy!

Reviewed by laura-151-628225 10 / 10 / 10

Does your daughter play softball?

If you have a child in softball you WILL like this movie. My daughter's been playing since she was 6 and these characters are dead on for so many stereotypical parents you see in softball. If you're not a softball person this movie may not resonate as much but as a softball mom of a 10 year old whose dad is a coach, yeah. It's hilarious and awesome.

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