All the Bright Places


Drama / Romance

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Elle Fanning as Mei Kusakabe
Luke Wilson as Self
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MR_Heraclius 9 / 10 / 10

A spectacular movie

The first act felt annoyingly pretentious, however as the story unfolds and you begin to see the story from these two young up-and-coming protagonists sobering points of view about the struggles with suicide, depression and trials of ostracism. You understand and feel for them equally. By the end, the film delivers a powerful message about pushing on forward, of persevering through the lesson which isn't necessarily about death and loss, but about living ones life and finding those most precious and fleeting moments in life and appreciating them and never forgetting about them.

Reviewed by suciulaurentiucristian 5 / 10 / 10 this up.

I did not know this was made after a book. I don't care if the book was better. The actual capacity of a screenplay writer and a director to reproduce the book can and will be forever disputed. What i want to say is that this movie takes you place. You laugh. You care. You love and You cry. This movie has emotion and has life. You, for the time it runs, feel. Is not this the purpose of a movie? To make you feel? to connect to the characters - their joy, their sorrow? This aside - the acting ,the music, the photography....everything is so well suited to the scenario and the purpose of the movie. To feel. Not to understand but to feel. Watch it to live true emotions. Do not if you dont. For what was this movie made, it's a jewel. Take it as it is.

Reviewed by mermariam 5 / 10 / 10

they had so much but they gave too little

I had this feeling since they announced the movie that i will be disappointed somehow because the book is just way too good and detailed to be put into two hours worth of scenes, but after watching it i ended up not just disappointed, but also mad and really upset because i felt robbed somehow. three minutez in and the beginning, which the whole novel and following events were practically based on was changed. the father and the whole violence thing was given little to no interest. his whole personalities concept, the letter he left violet, the letters he sent his sisters and friends. these things made the story so memorable to me yet they weren't even mentioned. we were given little to no finch and im mad about it. the book had great potential but the movie just felt extremely rushed and made finch's suicide so shallow. i loved the cast, but everything else just sucked. i wish i watched it before reading the book, i feel like i could've enjoyed it a bit more.

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