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Brad Pitt as Dwight Ingalls
Lizzy Caplan as Party Girl
Marion Cotillard as Edith Piaf
Matthew Goode as Ben Calder
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johnleb-447-150143 7 / 10 / 10

Can't be shown to a Non-American audience

Love both lead actors. Love the love story... However, it is impossible to believe for a second that the Brad Pitt character is either from Paris!!!!!! or a French Canadian or, for that matter an English Canadian (from Ontario) who learned Quebecois French. No french word coming out of Brad Pitt's mouth will cut it anywhere in the francophone world. If watched in English (as opposed to dubbed), major points will be lost around the world...Morocco included

Reviewed by George Aar 8 / 10 / 10

Sort of a Film Noir version of Casablanca

The film has a great look to it. The sets and costumes and props all look appropriate for the era. And the overall feel of the movie is just about perfect. But there just doesn't seem to be enough story to go with all that. You have a basic story of divided loyalties and love gone wrong and the cruelty of war, yada, yada, and a predictable ending. The action scenes are well done, though they strain credulity as any super-hero movie would. The good guys always come out unscathed and all the bad guys die, but it is a movie, after all. Brad Pitt does a good job and now looks the part for more mature roles, his boyish face finally starting to show some age. So, yeah, it's worth a look, but the ending is somewhat unsatisfying, and the whole story is just a couple of clicks short of being really interesting.

Reviewed by Ian 8 / 10 / 10

This Was Sad

(Flash Review) Like a roller coaster you've ridden many times, this is still enjoyable, even though it has a typical story arc with the expected devices to ratchet up the emotions. Set in 1942 in Morocco, the story revolves around Canadian soldier (Pitt) and a female member of the French Resistance both of whom team up for a significant assassination attempt. During their preparation, of course, romantic feeling take hold. Yet being important operatives, there are hidden or undisclosed factors that come to roost at inopportune times. Will there relationship survive? Will they each survive the war? The conflict between the two arrives with ample time to hold the uneasy tension for quite some time toward the end and keeps you wondering how or will there be a resolution to their situation. It did a nice job of keeping the viewer emotionally involved. Overall, this was a high quality production with several explosive scenes coupled with solid acting while being fairly formulaic. Certainly watchable.

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