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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RetroRoger 7 / 10 / 10

Once Upon A Time In (Under) Chicago

The best Corman monster flick Roger never made. This great B-movie unspools like a Sergio Leone revenge tale. Big mean Daddy flushes daughter's baby gator, Ramon, down the toilet. Sixteen years later, Ramon has grown up to be a 36-foot mutated maneater stalking the mean sewers of the Windy City. Daughter has grown up to become a 5'-4" herpetologist for the Chicago Zoo. You can just hear the haunting whistle of an Ennio Morricone soundtrack as the showdown looms. This monster flick's pedigree is a purebred B, written by Corman alumnus John Sayles (fresh from 1978's 'Piranha', on his way to 1981's 'The Howling') and directed by veteran Lewis Teague, who cut his directing and editing teeth on such Corman classics as 'The Lady In Red', 'Cockfighter', 'Crazy Mama', and the immortal 'Death Race 2000'. Casting for 'Alligator' was made in Cult Heaven, with Tarantino-fave Robert Forster as the bad-luck cop who gets between the girl and her gator. Future 'Stepmonster' Robin Riker makes her movie debut as the reptile expert. '50s sci-fi veteran Dean Jagger (looking, swear-to-God, like the dancing octogenarian in the Six Flags commercials) plays the dastardly industrialist who kills puppies and inadvertently creates the monster. Henry Silva seems to have fun skewering his cinema psycho persona. Even Hollywood tough-guy Mike Mazurki makes a cameo as the villain's gatekeeper. Injokes abound, with winks and nudges to infamous sewer rats Harry Lime and Ed Norton. Romantic foreplay includes heartfelt talks about male pattern baldness. The gator seems to have a Jones for men in blue. And Chicago can only be saved by the time-honored, foolproof solution of trapping oneself in an enclosed space with the monster and a timebomb. After 24 years, we rabid fans are still waiting for the obvious sewer creature clash, 'Ramon vs. C.H.U.D.' Keep dreaming ...

Reviewed by TTKKane 10 / 10 / 10

Jaws goes to suburbia

This is the movie that Lake Placid wanted to be. After the massive wave (pun intended) of underwater horrors that Jaws had created, Alligator is the best in my opinion. Sure there were a number of others that deserve recognition (Piranha, Jaws 2, Orca), but Alligator swallows them all up. The reason is that its both sharply witty and frightening at the same time (which is a hard thing to achieve). The acting is good, with Robert Forster ringing the alarm bells about an over-sized gator living in the sewers. Our poor old gator was flushed down a toilet as a baby (you'd be a bit mad too...) and after feasting on some dumped lab animals grows to over 30 feet and is ready for some human munchies. As for the effects, they're done really well. Direction is very good and the script is way above average for this type of fare. TTKK's Bottomline - Alligator does for swimming pools (and suburbia) what Jaws done for the beach. Highly recommended for those looking for aquatic thrills.

Reviewed by Alligator_80 10 / 10 / 10

My favourite movie and I've seen plenty of stunning movies!

I first saw this flick about 5 years ago and was absolutely blown away by it. The monster movie was nothing new, though and could have been easily dismissed as a Jaws imitation, but thankfully it has become a cult classic in its own right. John Sayles' sharp script, Craig Hundley's chilling soundtrack and a side-splitting performance from Henry Silva as sweet talker Col. Brock are just some of the wonders of this film. "Alligator" also benefits form being as hilarious as it is suspenseful with one particular involving a kid's party, the alligator in the pool and a prank gone horribly wrong. As far as I know, this was the first monster movie to the have the now cliqued ending of the baby monster being born before the credits roll. As a matter of fact, "Aliigator" remains one of the few Jaws inspired flicks to have a favorable response. Even the normally unfavorable Leonard Maltin awarded this movie a 3/4 and noted it for its good script and mix of Horror and Comedy. I am surprised though that the IMDb rating is only approx. 5.3/10. If you enjoy fun, scary or funny movies, watch this feature. If you enjoyed this movie, vote and increase the IMDb rating.

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