Along Came a Nanny



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Brendan Penny as Dean Bartons
Jessica Harmon as Female Shopper
Leah Cairns as Lizzie Bannerman
Sarah Lancaster as Jessie White
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rebekahrox 3 / 10 / 10

It's the script, stupid!

I watched this all the way through so that earns it at least 2 stars. but man oh man was this Manny, though cute, the dumbest detective ever? His whole methodology consisted of A) writing all the of the names of the people in the neighborhood and drawing arrows from one to another and then studying his drawing in bed night after night like it was Holy Writ. B) congregating on the sidewalk with the other Nannies and asking if they've seen anything unusual. And C) flirting with the pretty Nanny on walks while they are pretending to be sleuths. The perp was entirely obvious, though the motive for the robberies was so dumb, I kept saying to myself "No, It couldn't be...too lame." Plot holes a mile wide. The big clue is a pen with the burglars fingerprints on it, yet they just had to match the prints found at the crime scene with the suspects prints on file as he had a previous record. If you are watching this for the romance, forget that too. Not a bit of charm or chemistry. Lazy and lame, the scriptwriter should have been ashamed to take a paycheck for this dribble.

Reviewed by michaelt281702085 5 / 10 / 10

What loud music ?

A reviewer in the USA complains in his/her review about loud music throughout this film. I watched this film and enjoyed it "throughout". There was no "loud" music. Here we have a detective going under cover as a nanny to solve burglaries in a local community. He gets to know the local ladies, as they talk, and I noticed not a bit of litter could be seen on the streets. He gets sacked from the job due to a misunderstanding between his employer and his police chief. But is soon back again. This was a light hearted movie, frothy and fun, with an ending that rounds things off nicely. All I can say is another 10 stars from Hallmark.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 5 / 10 / 10

Undercover nanny

I confess I had to look twice when I saw that Detective Mike Logan was going undercover as a nanny. I couldn't imagine Chris Noth from the Law And Order franchise doing this after he picked up his pension from the NYPD. However it was Canadian actor Cameron Matthison being an undercover nanny in this Hallmark Mystery film. In the upscale neighborhood of Poplar Point there has been a rash of burglaries. Since this is a rich community Matthison gets the assignment to track down and apprehend those responsible and there are several though only one does the actual burglaries. Matthison decides an unusual approach. He gets hired through an employment agency as an nanny and after a fashion proves adept at the job. He also gets a little romance going with Sarah Lancaster. Typical Hallmark product, but I have to say the motive for all the burglaries is an unusual and original one for these films. Worth seeing for that alone.

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