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Reviewed by wheels-82803 8 / 10 / 10



Reviewed by basementreviews 9 / 10 / 10

A solid, spooky Halloween treat for horror fans

So how does one watch a sequel to a movie he's never seen? This is the question I asked heading into Along Came the Devil II, as I haven't watched Along Came the Devil, and nothing I'd read about it makes me want to. But I had an interview lined up with the sequel's lovely star, Laura Slade Wiggins, and wanted to do my due diligence prior to our conversation. So I read some Cliff's Notes on the first one, pushed play on the screener, and was pleasantly surprised... at least for the most part. Things start with a bang, slow down for about 30 to 35 minutes, and then deliver all the goods in the final act. So solid first act, great last act, and a slow middle. The film is aided by the great Bruce Davison, who can act his way around anything. He plays a troubled priest left over from the first movie, who's faced the Devil and believes that evil force has returned. Kudos as well to Ms. Slade Wiggins. She does some solid scream-queen work here, and is a strong female lead, keeping the SQ tradition alive. Writer/director Jason DeVan might not offer anything new, but his film looks great and moves at a pretty fast clip. And he can stage a scare. The man's studied the genre, and knows what we're here for. Next time, there needs to be boobies though, Jason. Just FYI. I'm going to give Along Came the Devil II a Good. I'd of liked a slightly faster paced middle act, but this was still a slick, creepy and well-made movie. Shawn concurs, and gives it a Good as well.

Reviewed by reynoldshorror 9 / 10 / 10

Along Came the Devil 2 Review

No one is going to say 'Along Came the Devil 2' is a groundbreaking sequel, but what writer/director/producer Jason DeVan serves up is unsettling to say the least. Oozing with dread and atmospheric doom, this film captures the ragged edges of a family thrust into the depths of horror. Jordan (Laura Slade Wiggins) receives a disturbing phone call about a missing family member and rushes back to her old home town. Equally disturbing when she arrives is the remnants of her relationship with her estranged father (Mark Ashworth), who is trying to pick up the pieces and bring their father-daughter relationship to a place of healing. Plagued with flashbacks of his former abusive alcoholic days, we see that Dad is in fact, trying his best to move forward. Helping wounds heal is Revered Michael (Bruce Davison), the local priest that knows all too well of the family's troubled history. Jordan decides, maybe prematurely, to stay at her father's home where we meet her younger brother, Xander (Cassius DeVan) and Mark's new-ish wife, Karen (Tiffany Fallon). I got the feeling that no matter what crimes filled the past, Mark and his family are trying their best to make Jordan comfortable in her awkward stay, despite some intense moments that crop up along the way. Films, horror films in particular, are often times terrible at painting realistic families, but this film does a great job of showcasing the hurt and hopefulness. Before long, Jordan is getting together with old friends and learning terrible facts about her missing relative, facts that all come knocking in the brutal third act. The setup for the final act felt a little forced to me, but they all come together in a gruesome climax that I wasn't expecting. This film does a killer job of keeping us on our toes, not relying solely on predictable jump scares, but rather through palpable suspense and even misdirection. Scares can be cheap, but DeVan knows how to set up the real terror. Fans of blood and guts will appreciate the twisted climax, as will fans of supernatural horror. All in all, this wasn't what I expected. Dutifully acted and directed, 'Along Came the Devil' was a welcome treat in the over-abundant Halloween movies tricks that we endure every October. My final score for this one is a respectable B-. 'Along Came the Devil 2' slithers into theaters and VOD on October 11th.

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