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Jami Gertz as Sophia
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Vincent Spano as Johnny
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by amos-27 8 / 10 / 10

end of an era

i recently saw this flick after 20 odd years & while it is one that 'got away', its still pretty decent for the time... (what the producers wanted - was an "urban teen flick"... good luck!) it was my first 35mm, fully crewed production & shot in 20 nights & we did best under the circumstances, and we had a blast shooting it. editing was difficult to say the least. it was a huge, huge learning experience. i had a lot of support from oliver wood (DP), line-producers Ben Gruberg & Roberta Friedman, and Greg Heller, who wrote the story. Nord Haggerty and Anna Taylor did a a great job with production design and costumes under very limited budget. Nile's music sounds better than ever. i wish we'd have shot the real ending... (which was to "political" for the producers) i agree w/comments that there are cheesy segments & i'd like to see Vince act in more movies! Jamie & Michael Winslow still charm in their own ways... anyway, thanks for watching it on late nite TV!

Reviewed by obtec2001 9 / 10 / 10

Young man working for the mob to support his wife and baby has second thoughts about some assignments.

Overlooked movie from 1984. As a movie I give it a 7 but as a 1980's "street drama" I give it a 10. excellent performance by a young Jamie Gertz as the whiny little sister coming of age in the cement Jungles of NY. Vince Spano I thought gave a realistic performance as the young street hustler who was actually a nice guy underneath. Michael Windslow, the human sound effects guy who made his fame in the "Police Academy" movies was really good as drug house leader who is slowly spinning into a life as a junkie. The Music....Now the music was just amazing. It was written by Nile Rogers from the disco era Chic. There is music on there that I have never been able to find anywhere. Look for a song called "Lady Luck" Anyone who was a young adult in the 80's will see a blast from the past especially if they were around the big cities. It has its cheesy moments but all in all a decent flick. Rent it from Net Flix.

Reviewed by poreflay 9 / 10 / 10

This movie really hit home

I thought the movie was very realistic and could have been based on a friend of mine and my own rise and fall in the drug trade ('78 &'79). The fast cars, condemned buildings that we used to deal out of, the "shooting" galleries. Making sure your runners are always in pocket. Huge amounts of money trading hands daily. Seeing friends turn into junkies and not being able to help nor trust them once they crossed that line. Although the movie takes place over a 24 hour period, it was a 2 year experience for me and this movie captured it all,the highest highs and the lowest lows. What started out as fun turned into a nightmare. I was able to get out and live to tell about it but so many of my friends and associates weren't so lucky. I came to this site in search of the soundtrack and one song in particular, "Lady Luck". Like someone said earlier the soundtrack is awesome and Lady Luck was on my side.

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