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Dolph Lundgren as Captain Ivan Drago
Mel Rodriguez as The Head Guy
Susie Abromeit as Cheerleader
Vinnie Jones as Johnny Doyle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vampiri 4 / 10 / 10

great action is hard to come by

Since I am Swedish I try to keep myself updated when it comes to my fellow Swedes' new Movies, especially Dolph Lundgren, and thus I watched this one as soon as I could. Admittedly, Dolph may have his best years behind him. Still, he has worked with most of the creme de la creme within the action genre, i.e. Brandon Lee, Stallone, Van Damme. To his defence, perhaps he is not handed the best of scripts these Days. I would gladly Watch Men of War, Rocky IV, Universal Soldier, Johnny Mnemonic, Red Scorpion again. Plot: A scarface duo try to move up the ladder. One is uncertain if he really wants to and is involved with a sweet girl and really wants to do something else. Unfortunately for them they are preyed upon by a rogue cop and hunted by the DEA. Sadly, this Movie lacks true depth. I could tell that the writer tried really hard to create depth and credibility for his characters. Instead he fails miserably and all the characters get stuck halfway. Dolphs character has an unexplored relationship with Another DEA agent, one of the bad guys (who really is the Movies hero) cannot deliver a believable characterization of a guy in torment about what to do in Life. The Dirty cop succeeds somewhat better, but the best characters, which do not have any depth to speak of, are the drug kingpin and the hero's partner. Due to this fact that the script tries too much to be a Little bit deeper than most B-Movies and lacks, as well, a really likable hero I can only hand out... ...4 out of 10. Dolph does not deliver, but is excused by having a minor role and the bad script. However, there are some good Points in the Movie: Randy Couture is good as the Dirty cop and the final shootout scene is pretty good as well as the photography.

Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 9 / 10 / 10

Don't waste your money

In the frenetic underbelly of Los Angeles, Agent Maxwell closes in on an international cocaine smuggling operation run by criminal mastermind Vincent Camastra. When Agent Beverly Royce goes undercover with the drug dealers and finds herself deeper than she can handle - the case becomes personal for Maxwell who has to combat ruthless killers and dirty cops in an all-out action filled finale to bring the criminals to justice. This is one of Dolph Lundgren's worst films and even worse than "Certain Justice" the characters and acting is dull, the action is boring and the whole movie is simply a mess and for the love of god stop trying to make Randy Couture happen he is pretty good and charming in The Expendables Trilogy but in anything else? He is just boring!!

Reviewed by Bradley Holliday 9 / 10 / 10

Reviewers and critics

I found this movie enjoyable, all around as it was delightfully bad, and that is good because no one watched this movie and expected a Coppola film or anything like say there "is also a lot of pointless and contrived nudity, swearing, and poorly done scenes of people getting shot." Is like watching a cartoon and saying it's animated. The actors are mostly unknown aside from Couture and Lundgren and the director is someone I have never heard of. The visual effects and make-up don't suck, so I am guessing all of the budget went to the two stars and the effects and make-up department. Anyone who watches this film and can't appreciate it for what it is, should really lighten up...there is no deep story, it is just an action movie.

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