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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by outpix 7 / 10 / 10

best and fairest portrayal of 2016 election from a liberal you could hope for

James Stern is an unabashed Obama loving liberal, and he does his best to understand the other side. Where he fails is in giving time to Conservative subject matter experts on policy. Conservatives are portrayed as fear mongering but it's hysterical to see throughout the movie all the fear Stern has if Trump were to win. This alone is worth the price of admission. Yes it's biased but it's the best once could expect from a left gone mad.

Reviewed by Schatz87 7 / 10 / 10

A film documenting republican Trump voters during the 2016 election

Aside for a liberal, black professor, the sympathetic interviewer provided a veritable conveyor belt of one annoying, low-information Trump voter after the other - and encouraged each one to express their own, personal misconceptions. It was a bit painful to watch and had some similarities to watching paint dry - or even worse, reading an Ayn Rand novel from the beginning to the end. Despite the best of intentions by the filmmaker James D. Stern, the interviews of poorly educated republicans - and one happy-go-lucky, rich and overprivileged Floridian fuddy-duddy (James Snot-Nose, the III) - failed to provide any real 'Aha!' moments. If anything, it cemented prior views that the presidential election of 2016 was not about wealth and income, but on the level of education as post-election polls indicated. People lacking a high-school education were the most likely to vote for Trump, while people with doctorate degrees the least likely. It even held true statewide: in 10 of the best educated states Hillary won, while in 9 of the 10 worst educated states Trump won. It was Dunning-Kruger all over it climbing up mount stupid and watching these interviews was the final nail in the coffin.

Reviewed by boydpeters 7 / 10 / 10

Worth watching, in fast forward in parts and with caveat of the

As a non US person seeing much good in either party I was hoping for something impartial, like the great film Fail State about the US tertiary education $y$tem. I will be fair the film did give voice and good unedited air time to a range of people and did not try to make them look stupid. I have no doubt the intentions of all involved were good and honest and it showed. I just don't think these same people were able to overcome the structural elephant in the corner that West and East coast elites (ie the people who made this film) don't experience the lives of those in the "fly-over states", which is the heartland of the country- these people once a middle class, now a country with so many 1 to 2 paychecks from a wipeout. I don't think they are mentally capable of grasping the answer to the questions they were trying to find answers for. Obama gave the same hope to millions that Trump did, different side of the same coin. Those people under Obama were left worse off, as I think those hoping Trump will deliver long the structural change will also eventually be worse off. The swamp is as Democrat as it is Republican and doesn't care for anyone but the elites, insiders and donors. I felt the film tried to give an honest voice, but never really wanted to find actual understanding. In that the techniques of propaganda and subtle mocking are still evident in this film. This is part of the problem. It seems to have been produced for fellow lefts/ Democrats. Stern would have done better to not make it so much about him. Louis Theroux would have done a better job. Less myopic, less inherently biased, and bringing no baggage From an entertainment perspective and struggling with these unavoidable biases I give it a 3. From an achieving its objective, even in a shallow kind of way I'll give it a 7 because I think the voices interviewed were entitled to be heard and it still commands a worthwhile place on the shelf of the conversation. If you really want to understand those who voted Trump read the book Deer Hunting with Jesus by the late Joe Bageant. There is a 10 year old interview with him on YouTube titled "LONGVIEW: Deer Hunting With Jesus" which does better in 7 minutes than this film does

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