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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by boggie4758 1 / 10 / 10

Oh Lordy

Oh my goodness some of the worst acting I have seen in a long time...Oh Lordy the dialog was just awful...This truly the worst movie ever...terrible..just terrible..

Reviewed by hughhemington 1 / 10 / 10

This isn't even "campy" bad, it's not "fun" bad, it's just bad

When I saw the reviews at that time (2.x) I assumed the film had to have some redeeming quality. People were put-off by history, or some group was slighted. No, those review numbers were really accurate. There was no review then, so people needed some warning. The production is in color sort of, and it's generally in focus. So much for the good parts. The budget was obviously low or non-existent. It is quickly obvious that locations were chosen and used so that no set preparation would be necessary. The a... behavior of the people, was unconvincing in the extreme. When one of them is "shot in the leg", even that is not convincing, nor is his escape. In the next scene, he has walked to a makeshift hospital tent. The doctor and nurse/helper have ended an exhausting shift, but there is one person outside the five-man tent needing attention. Just about the time you're wondering where the pile of bodies is, the man with the .57 caliber slug in his leg shows up, and soon, we're told he's lost a lot of blood, but none of the blood wound up on his pant leg. The production LITERALLY did not afford fake blood. Later on, they discover the formula, but none of it ever gets on the surgeon. There are "cavalry" men of various names, and they say things, but no character is developed to anywhere near the point where you caring about anyone in the slightest. The movie does not attempt to fill in the "backstory" of any battle or tell a story with an arc or vector of any kind.

Reviewed by mhudson1947 1 / 10 / 10

One of the Worst

Over the years I have watched a good number of war movies, incl. Civil War flicks like Gettysburg, Glory, Andersonville, The Blue and the Gray etc. This is absolutely at the bottom of the pile, and I gave it a one. Please, Mr. Forbes, producers, and most of the actors, with all due respect find a new line of work, maybe anime, but not pseudo reality. The other review I read I agree with, about the bullet wound, lame field hospital, etc. I noticed over 3 campaigns and a couple or more years the surgeon's apron never changed, same exact blood spatter. And a couple tents? No other personnel? I mean really? Couldn't you get some reenactors to volunteer on a low budget film? The actors just kind of recited their lines. In one scene 4 or 5 soldiers all had identical appearing wounds/blood on their heads. Seemed hoakie. Some of the cinematography/ special takes were really lame. I forced myself to watch most it, just to see how bad it would get. Luckily it was on my computer so I fast forwarded so as not to waste an inordinate amount of time. Avoid this movie and get one of the above mentioned ones or anything else, should be better.

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