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John Ducey as Captain Dennis Martin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by A_Different_Drummer 2 / 10 / 10

how to NOT do a sequel and mess up an entire genre

1. Not many of these Karate Kid knockoffs being made anymore. This film shows why. 2. Plot holes? Ali arrives at college to wrestle on a full ride. And the wrestling team is never seen again. 3. The Persian connection which had gravitas in the original is all wind and air. 4. Some of the above could have been redeemed by a proper finale but no we didn't even get that.

Reviewed by editor-80471 9 / 10 / 10

Nostalgia, Fights and realism make American Fighter a great watch!

Shaun Paul Piccinino directs American Fighter and you can tell from the fight scenes that Piccinino (said Peach-ah-nino) has a vast amount of experience in the stunt business. The film's cinematography doesn't blow you away, but what the director does, is choose to go with a realistic approach to the fights. Gone is the blood and gore that has become a staple of the genre; we don't get any dramatic slow-motion punches and heads swing around with sweat spinning off. We get a rawness and fast-paced energy in each fight that helps keep the narrative at the centre of the film, while still satisfying the fight fans needs. The choice to go with the gritty rather than glitzy was a bold choice but one that was well made and gave the film a realism. Being a movie set in the 80s the use of the training and fight montages fits more snuggly than it does in today's movies and the choices of homage to Rocky and some other 80s classics make this fun to watch.

Reviewed by walkerboe 9 / 10 / 10

Nostalgic Fight Movie with Heart

American Fighter is a deceiving title as it's not what you might think from it's name. It's actually a harrowing story of a young man fighting on many different levels. He combats racism in 1981 (not a great time to be Iranian in America, see the Iranian hostage crisis), fighting to save his ailing mother who's stuck in a war torn Iran and of course swinging fisticuffs in the ring. All in all this is a heart wrenching and ultimately heart warming tale with really solid performances. Film veterans Tommy Flanagan and Sean Patrick Flanery really shine while new comers George Kosturos an Bryan Craig knock it out of the park! I highly recommend checking this gritty, fun throwback action flick with tons of heart.

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