American Fright Fest



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April 3, 2019



Dylan Walsh as Boon Palmer
Mercy Malick as Sophia Long
Romeo Miller as Derrick Shaw
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by guillermog2 10 / 10 / 10


I typically veer from horror movies, but enjoyed watching this movie. The premise is good, and the story flows. It avoids an onslaught of cheap, gratuitous, and sensationalistic gore, and leaves much of that to the imagination--the "horror" is in the storyline, not in special effects. One can easily focus on any of several of the characters and delve into a satisfying psychological/sociological discussion; one can just as easily simply watch it and have fun with it. I'd like to see a sequel. Now, if every movie you watch has to have the gravitas and cinematic weight of a Fellini, then perhaps you should stick strictly with Fellini. This movie accomplishes it's goal, and should be rated on that alone.

Reviewed by kaefab 5 / 10 / 10

fake reviews cheap cheap cheap

Why this as been done a million times, maybe to compete with the new Halloween movie coming out in October..... but this movie is super cheap the way its filmed with zero budget,,, and its very very very lame..... Avoid even for a free watch.

Reviewed by Andy Van Scoyoc 5 / 10 / 10

Lazy, horrible ending...Could have been clearer...

Have you ever watched a movie and thought...Wow...this sucks... But you watch it anyway because while it's bad you just gotta see how it ends? This flop fest would go into that category. Worth a watch if you can see it for free...but if you pay to watch it, you're crazy. Low budget plotline with a decent budget for filming...could have been a LOT better. Am I the only one who would like to see a horror film with some brains? Maybe the two aren't ever meant to combine... because this film could have done something more than it did. I've seen better...I've seen worse. What I want to see is something good, something new, something fresh, something not boring in real slash em up horror. I'm not holding my breath. The industry is far too happy continuing cranking out this cookie cutter junk.

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