American Gangster


Biography / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by savillekushner 1 / 10 / 10

Morally incoherent

So we learn that Frank Lucas (D. Washington) deals in heroin tat ruins lives and kills people, preys on the poor and corrupts law and order. Doesn't stop Ridley Scott from insisting that we identify with Frank Lucas and eventually warm to him for cooperating with the Feds to identify bent cops. The penultimate scene has him laughing fondly with Russell Crowe, the honest cop who hunted him down - Crowe offers him a celebratory drink. Scott allows Washington's seductive, reassuring grin to smile along with him, to insist on our sympathy. Laced with racist undertones (the white hero, Russell Crowe, finally concedes black Washington's redemption; not a single member of Frank Lucas's family of black brothers and cousins hesitates to join his murderous business with glee - black families stick together). Meanwhile, young people continue to die in squalor and despair on the streets - with plenty of gratuitous close-ups of real needles pushing into real flesh. The film is, at best, morally incoherent - at worst, it is a crude apology for wealth, private enterprise, and a sneaking admiration for buccaneering gangsters so redolent of Coppola and, in a more twisted way, Scorcese.

Reviewed by cinemajesty 9 / 10 / 10

A Masterful Hollywood Production

Film Review: "American Gangster" (2007) Here comes a Crime-Drama starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, who confront each other departed by the executive law of the United States of America across a cut-down motion picture epic on the rise and fall of inspired real-life character Frank Lucas, whose story got discovered by writer Mark Jacobson translated in a newspaper article optioned by a ruling Hollywood major behind this work-for-hire directing job by Ridley Scott, who had been denied the contractual final-cut-clause in this exclusive engagement between copyright-owning Universal Pictures and London-based Scott Free Productions, when "American Gangster" becomes consequently as beautifully shot by cinematographer Harris Savides (1957-2012) plus production design values in this motion picture of constant accelerating high-rise drama, which only flaw had become the fast-tracked exit, including nerve-wrecking, picture-overlaying title-cards of conclusions, in the last 20 minutes of some unforgivable as unresolved character solutions, especially an unpressured supporting character's suicide and further emotionally-charged vanishings, which arguably had been crippled by test-audiences' overwhelming mis-comprehensions, resulting in further misfortunes to hit a 150-Minute-Editorial mark for parent Universal, put relentlessly into actions by wrestles within the producing department between also-producing director Ridley Scott, Hollywood's legendary Academy-Award-Winning producer Brian Grazer at Imagine Entertainment and further executive producers Branko Lustig and Nicholas Pileggi, known for producing a superior "GoodFellas" for Martin Scorsese at Warner Bros. in season 1989/1990, when "American Gangster" must have been the 190-Minute epic crime-drama of a decade accompanied with a classic Hollywood Intermission at the highlighted fulminate-assembled half-time-scene in a re-created real-life boxing event "Joe Frazier vs. Muhammad Ali" in the year of 1971 to full major league picture visuals and sound design excellency. © 2018 Felix Alexander Dausend (Cinemajesty Entertainments LLC)

Reviewed by koolsam21 9 / 10 / 10

A real American classic.

Directed and produced by Ridley Scott and written by Steven Zaillian, the film is based on the criminal career of Frank Lucas, a gangster from La Grange, North Carolina who smuggled heroin into the United States on American service planes returning from the Vietnam War, before being detained by a task force led by detective Richie Roberts. Denzel Washington was brilliant as Frank Lucas and not to forget Russell Crowe in the role of Richie Roberts. The movie was nominated for a couple of Oscars, Ruby Dee for the Actress in the best performance in a supporting role and Arthur Max and Beth A. Rubino for the best achievement in Art Direction. The movie is tough and at the same time entertaining as well. The Director has shuffled the classic scenes and designed the gangster theme in a justified way. It is somewhat scary but thrillingly real American classic.

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