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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kinghq1 10 / 10 / 10

Illegal Immigration . . . What the Politicians don't want you to see

This is a VERY powerful look at Immigration. Not just here in the US, but what it takes to get TO the US. Director Namrata Singh Gujral looks at this issue like none other. This is NOT a Political statement, but a REAL, unfiltered, look at Immigration.

Reviewed by madamannam 10 / 10 / 10

Truthful, Revealing and Empathetic - Triple Threat

This movie sheds light on the honest truth and corruption of illegal immigration but instead of leading with fear it's enveloped in compassion for both the illegal immigrants and American citizens. A revealing and honest perspective. It's the conversation we should all have. And unlike many documentaries these days, it even has some real suggestions and opinions on how to handle the situation, encouraging us to open up and discuss the topic. Bravo.

Reviewed by cacram81 10 / 10 / 10

A Compassionate Documentary Giving Insight Into Illegal Immigration

This was a powerful film and important for all to see. Americans need to open their eyes to look past all the propaganda and seek truth. This movie was very informative and shows the huge disservice illegal immigration does not only to Americans, but the illegal immigrants themselves. In order to fix problems we need to be informed, and can no longer tolerate the censorship and propaganda of the mainstream media and big tech. I applaud Namrata Singh Gujral and others working on this project for the courage to see it through. I really like how you showed the history to the work visa system in America, that unfortunately was terminated decades ago. While this film was made by Democrats, and I am a Republican. This shouldn't be a divisive issue. Leaders need to stop playing politics and pass laws updating our immigration system. It's about not allowing coyotes and cartels to take advantage of the vulnerable. It's about protecting lives. It's about doing right by immigrants and Americans.

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