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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by movieman_kev 4 / 10 / 10

Such wasted talent

Nicholas Walker is Paul, the local town Reverand who's married to Martha (Ally Sheedy), but also is a habitual womanizer and decides to fake his own death to run away with his current affair, Veronica (Dara Tomanovich). However in so doing, he gets a bout of amnesia (hence the name of the film). Sally Kirkland is also on hand as a crazy old coot who pines for the good Reverand in a shades of "Misery" type of way. It's sad to see a pretty good cast wasted like this. Not the least bit John Savage in a horridly forgettable role as a shoddy private investigator. In a film billed as a 'black comedy', one has to bring BOTH elements into said movie. While this does bring the former in spades, it sadly contains none of the latter. Furthermore you can't emphasize with any of the characters and as thus, have absolutely no vested interest in them. Technically not an all-together bad movie just an extremely forgettable one. Eye Candy: Dara Tomanovich gets topless; Sally Kirkland also shows some skin My Grade: C- Where I saw it: Showtime Showcase

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 6 / 10 / 10

A Very Black Humor Adventure

Paul Keller (Nicholas Walker) is a Father married with the widow with a son Martha Keller (Ally Sheedy) and lives in a small town. He has an affair with the local schoolteacher Veronica Dow (Dara Tomanovich) in a hotel managed by Charlene Hunt (Sally Kirkland), who has a crush for Paul. One day, he pretends to fake his death and leave town with Veronica, but he indeed suffers an accident and loses his memory. A crap investigator (John Savage) from the insurance company comes to the town, where very strange situations will happen. This movie blends `Misery' with `Fatal Attraction' and is not indicated for all the publics, but for the viewers who enjoy a very black humor flick. My vote is six.

Reviewed by fireheart412 6 / 10 / 10

*Spoiler Alert* Lots of Loose Ends!

This movie was better than I'd expected, full of black humor and had pretty good acting. Sally Kirkland was very convincing as the lonely and obsessed hotel owner. Poor Ally Sheedy has resulted to playing in these low budget films, although she is a very talented actress. Anyways, the movie was pretty good, but I really thought the ending was pretty awful, with lots of loose ends. There is no way that Ally's character and the adulteress, Edgar's teacher, could have got away clean with that insurance money. I mean really, they didn't even discuss what to do with the additional bodies and how they were going to cover it all up! Plus, when they dumped her husband's body in the lake, he was still bagged. If the police were to find his body, they would have known it was a homicide! I just thought the ending was quite a disappointment, with all the loose endings that weren't resolved. If those were wrapped up, I think this movie would have been a little more convincing.

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