And So It Goes


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Diane Keaton as J.C. Wiatt
Michael Douglas as Charlie
Rob Reiner as Guy on Beach
Yaya DaCosta as LaRhette
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by janetmenzieshannon 7 / 10 / 10

A Gentle Comedy that Does Not Disappoint

And So It Goes is a gentle comedy about the fragility of being human. Rob Reiner, its director, suggests that in the eternal presence of youth, it is possible to continue to grow young and transform one's life. Although its main characters, Leah, a widow who sings torch songs in supper clubs but can't get through one without crying (Diane Keaton) and Oren, a widower and veteran Realtor who is just counting the days until retirement (Michael Douglas), are at odds with each other. In the course of events we find opposites attract and are vital to one another's growth. Both are still actively grieving their deceased spouses in very different ways. Oren slips away to the graveyard to talk to his wife, while showing the world a nasty, hardened face. His dream of retirement hinges upon the final sale of the $8.6 million mansion where he lived with her once upon a time. Should the sale go through, he intends to head for the serenity of a solitary life tucked away in Vermont. In the mean time, he must weather the storm of living among others in the cramped quarters of a multiple family dwelling he owns and sardonically nicknames "Shangri-La." Although both Leah and Oren are in fragile shape, they unify when Oren's ten year-old grand daughter is dumped on his doorstep by his son, a man estranged from his father for double digits who is going away to prison. Oren attempts to get rid of the child, but Leah steps in, revealing her material instincts in full bloom. Her "perfect love" with her deceased husband did not enable her to become a mother and this is her opportunity. The vulnerability of Oren's young grand daughter, who his keenly aware that she has been dumped in the hands of an aging, unhappy man who does not want her, is beautifully and delicately rendered. In their struggle to deal with the child, Oren is humbled by Leah's superb ability to cope and begins to grow fond of both Leah and his grand daughter. In spite of his crude behavior toward his neighbors/tenants in the past, love enters the humble community at "Shangri-La" in the form of the arrival of a ten year old, the adoption of a stray dog, the sudden birth of a baby and the transformation of caterpillar into...a butterfly. This happiness is a metaphor for the potential happiness hidden in even the most banal settings and social situations. Only when events conspire to reveal the more elevated nature in people can both young and old face what the future has in store for them--something that is always a question mark. And So It Goes is a far more realistic and beautiful love story than the blockbuster hit that Diane Keaton made with Jack Nicholson, As Good As It Gets, over a decade ago. It is not a movie about "beautiful people" living in spotless white houses in the Hamptons or middle aged divorcées who manage snag aging, jaded producers so rich they date twenty year-old girls. That film was a complete fantasy on every level. (Without Keanu Reeves for visual relief it would have been hard to take some of the love scenes.) And So It Goes is a far gentler, far less glamorous film about love "among the ruins" than As Good As It Gets. Its verisimilitude may make less mature audiences uncomfortable for that reason. Ultimately, Keaton and Douglas pull off their roles like the pros that they are. It's a pleasure to see them get to know one another gradually, albeit clumsily and foolishly, in a way that is true to life. I highly recommend And So It Goes for anyone brave enough to watch fragile people still attempting to transform their lives and move forward in the face of the unknown.

Reviewed by dierregi 6 / 10 / 10

Watchable but certainly not core shaking

Keaton and Douglas are Leah and Oren, a couple of widowed neighbors, living in an idyllic mini-condo in a beautiful estate. Oren is a realtor who owns several properties, among which the building where Leah, himself and a few other people live. Oren wants to leave for Vermont, but must make his last sale: his own beautiful house, worth millions. One day he meets his estranged, turbulent son Luke who is about to go to jail. Luke has a daughter, Sarah, and he need his father to take care of her while he is doing his time. Initially reluctant and forcing Leah to take Sarah in, Oren starts to melt and from then on, you can easily predict the rest of the plot. Nevertheless, it is a rather enjoyable ride. Keaton plays more or less the same part she played in "Something's got to give", perhaps overdoing the similarities (even a crying scene), but she is believable as the aging lounge singer with a broken heart. Besides, I really loved her wardrobe. She has impeccable taste and looked great. I also liked Sternhagen (Bonnie from Sex and the City), who was hilarious as Claire, Oren friend and co-worker. What I liked slightly less was Oren befriending very quickly the whole bunch of neighbors and the totally unbelievable scene of a pregnant woman giving birth on his couch - that stretched it a bit too far. However, it was also refreshing to watch a movie for grown-ups not involving any of the following: indestructible super-heroes; vampires; revengeful cops; guns; killing; torture and violence in general. PS even without a plot, the most memorable part of the movie is the settings in what I gather must be an exclusive, immaculate estate.

Reviewed by Edgar Iván H 6 / 10 / 10

Has good moments

This movie is an attempt to create a romantic story about elder adults, but I don't think Douglas and Keaton has a good connection, I don't see that spark and charm between them, they look like very forced to be in love. Douglas is not the kind of actor that can play this kind of roles, he lacks Charm, but Nicholson is way better than Douglas playing this type of role. The movie is not bad, but is not good as you may think due the actors are great Hollywood stars. The Movie also has some specific short moments of Racism and you can never have racism in a romantic movie. If the racism were managed with humor, that could fit in the movie, but Douglas is a very serious actor, he is not as good as comedian, In this case the movie has some deep good moments, but overall I can say this movie, has not been good as I expected. 6/10

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