And the Devil Makes Three


Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 2 / 10 / 10

Utterly boring, slow paced and uneventful...

I hadn't heard about this 2016 movie titled "And the Devil Makes Three" prior to now in 2021 as I had the chance to sit down to watch it. I was initially intrigued by the movie's title and cover, and given the fact that it was a horror movie that I hadn't already seen, of course I sat down to do so. Well, I managed to endure about 65 minutes of the ordeal, then I was ready to claw my eyes out from sheer and utter boredom. This movie was unfathomably slow paced, uneventful and downright pointless. It just eludes me what writers and directors Arthur Terrible and Samantha Terrible wanted to tell with this particular story. It should be said that the acting was adequate, and there was a lot of pressure on the shoulders of the two lead performers, given the fact that there were virtually no other people in the movie. But given the severe limitations of a pointless and monotonous script, the actors were limited in their performances. The movie does have a nice enough production value and editing to it. But the storyline, dialogue and characters just were insufficient, to say the least. And that was a terrible blow to the movie that it never recovered from. Visually, then this was by no means a memorable horror movie. There was nothing scary going on, no jump scares, nothing of any real worth going on actually. "And the Devil Makes Three" was a massive swing and a miss from writers and directors Arthur Terrible and Samantha Terrible. And I literally have no intention or interest in returning to watch the rest of the movie and find out how it ends, because I virtually didn't care an ounce about the story - or lack thereof - nor of the mundane characters. My rating of this 2016 horror / thriller lands on a very generous two out of ten stars. I cannot recommend that you waste your time, money or effort on this. Some of us did - in greater or lesser extend - so you don't have to.

Reviewed by jaycisturgell / 10

Where is the devil???

To break the tip of the iceberg I couldn't really hear hardly any dialogue in this film. As an avid bad film lover I'm used to this! But the dialogue I did hear was typically our main dude saying something mean or degrading to our female lead. I guess this film takes place in the 90s but the casette tapes are the only hint to that all and this setting benefits this film in no way shape or form. The acting in this film I could forgive, but knowing they also wrote and directed it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Every single thing wrong with this movie could have been fixed easily. The writing was just plain weak, attempts at being artsy fell so so flat. This feels like a syfy original in a bad way. Now the soundtrack... Random club music and synth, I'm constantly bombarded by sudden outbursts of pennywise style drone, emergency sirens??? And loud electropop with bass thumps. Nothing matches what's actually happening. From start to finish this movie is truly awful. I was bored, me and my family had to crack jokes in the silence just to get through it. I want to think I'm gonna forget this movie, but I'm never gonna forget how bored I was. The climax was one of the worst I've ever seen. And I've seen everything in the bottom 10 worst rated films on IMDb. I redownload this app just to make sure I helped it to down with the greats like birdemic and fateful findings. But at least those were funny. I wanted to be honest and fair when I gave this a shot with only 1 review that was bad. But it deserves the few reviews it has. Watch this movie, review it. Be honest. That's what I did. Every film is worth watching at least once, but just be prepared and watch it with someone who can laugh with you. If you're here for entertainment, you're gonna have to make it entertaining yourself.

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