Andy Murray: Resurfacing



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ganeshbillau 10 / 10 / 10

Highly Inspiring and a must watch

It's so great to see his journey . I'm sure this documentary will give hope to those athletes who are undergoing tough times in their lives with injuries .. I'm so inspired by you Andy . Keep on being an example to many .. Wishing you more success in your amazing career .

Reviewed by renstubbs 10 / 10 / 10

Honest and revealing

This was such a great documentary! Real life of a superstar who has achieved everything in his sport but yet having to battle to control his destiny on when to retire and the frustration of having that taken away from you by your own body! The dedication and frustrations that have gone along with it were incredible to watch. This was such an eye opening look into Andy Murray as a person and also why he has achieved what he has in his career. It was fantastic!! And for those that weren't fans, watch this movie, it'll give you a different perspective on someone who's just a regular guy who's worked unbelievably hard to achieve his greatness!

Reviewed by georgemc-2 10 / 10 / 10

A great watch for all people involved with sports

I'm a tennis player myself and love sports in general. This was a brilliant watch to see the ups and downs of Andy's journey, you see the positive and the negatives aspects and everything that he went through. There's a few personal moments where you hear private voice notes and videos he recorded when he couldn't sleep at night. There's some lovely words from his wife Kim throughout, she must have been his saviour through everything he's gone through. Let's not forget he's recently won the European Open, and 2020 looks bright for Andy, can't wait to see what it brings for him!

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