Angel III: The Final Chapter


Action / Drama

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Dick Miller as Rabbi Walter Paisley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 4 / 10 / 10

This one didn't Kapture me.

Lt. Andrews will be spinning in his grave: after rescuing Molly Stewart from a world of vice (in the original Angel) and financially supporting her through law school (in Avenging Angel, the second movie in the series), she decides to go to New York and become a blinking freelance photographer instead. Now there's gratitude for you! But being a snapper doesn't prevent Molly (now played by Mitzi Kapture) from crossing paths with dangerous criminals: after realising that the L.A. art dealer in one of her photos is actually her estranged mother, who she hasn't seen since she was abandoned by her at the age of twelve, Molly returns to California in search of answers, only to find out that her mum is involved in a cocaine smuggling racket and her sister, of whose existence she was previously completely unaware, is in danger of being sold into white slavery. When her mother is killed in a car bomb, Molly once again adopts her Angel persona, entering the world of adult films to try and rescue the only family she has left from a lifetime of forced sex with sweaty foreigners. Considering all of the trashy possibilities open to an exploitation film-maker by such sleazy subjects as prostitution, white slavery, drug dealing and the porn industry, Angel III is a very disappointing film. Sure, there's plenty of T&A on display (the first pair of bare knockers appears on screen within seconds, and the nudity continues throughout), but the pacing is dull, the direction uninspired, the story pedestrian and the less said about the acting the better. Plus, it's kinda ironic that of the three actresses to play Molly, the one with the name that sounds most like a genuine porn-star or hooker is actually the least sexy (yes, Mitzi Kapture is pretty, but she lacks either the jail-bait charm of Donna '25 going on 15' Wilkes, or the sheer va-va-voom of Betsy Russell).

Reviewed by suchenwi 10 / 10 / 10

A somehow fading image

I watched Angel 1 and 2 last night and 3 tonight, so I try to contrast them. First of all, 3 brought a very different style again - much less comedy, and a different kind of drama - not much left to show of LA street life, and the quirky persons out there - just one gay (and less elaborated) sidekick, Sparky. And hey, wasn't Molly's mother called Margaret in 1? At least in the German dub (my cheap 3-pack doesn't have the original soundtrack, sorry). Now, meet Gloria (briefly). And how law school honor student Molly wound up as freelance photographer, wasn't explained either. The strongest continuity to 2 came from the nice 1950s truck, remodeled from pet cemetery hearse to ice cream vendor's. And Molly (Mitzi Kapture, actress #3 in 3 movies, but still somewhat credible, glory be to the hair stylist) having no bullet under the trigger in a most tense situation... And of course, the Message about the dangers of teen abuse (this time reaching out to slavery in Middle East or Calcutta) which was strongest in 1, of course, and appeared as sideline in 2. I'm not sure what to think of this movie. It's not exactly bad (and has good moments, just fewer - take the naked pimp, or the hooked henchman), but somehow I still felt a little disappointed. After 1 and 2, acquiring a feeling for Molly Steward's exquisite adventures, I expected more from 3. Sleaze fans still get their occasional servings of bare breasts (ok with me), but I expected more "real" life scenes, like 1 and 2 delivered.

Reviewed by bipvg71 10 / 10 / 10

Prostitution Drama

Region free,English:Dolby Digital 5.1 or AC-3. A former street prostitute named Angel/Molly Stewart (Mitzi Kapture) now a freelance photographer in New York runs across a woman at an art show that looks familiar. Going to L.A. she finds that this woman is her mother & she has a sister, Michelle (Tawny Fere). Their reunion is short-lived when her mother calls telling her that her sister is in danger & gets killed in an explosion. Molly going undercover becomes Angel in an effort to find her missing sister. She discovers a high-powered Madam Nadine (Maud Adams) running a high-class out call prostitution ring & whore house with Pimp Shahid (Emile Beaucard), controlling them with heroin addiction. Finding her sister in their hands & due to be sold overseas, she races desperately to unravel the intricate workings of the white slavery network teaming with police Lt. Doniger (Richard Roundtree).Also stars: Mark Blankfield – Spanky, Kin Shriner – Neal,S.A. Griffin – Roger, Anna Navarro – Gloria, Susan Moore – Pam, Floyd Levine – Lt. Mellin, Barbara Treutelaar – Shirley, Cynthia Hoppenfeld – Marie, Bob DeSimone – Porn Director, Julie K. Smith – Darlene. 99 minutes, Originally released 1988.

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