Anna's Storm


Action / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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May 28, 2020


David Lewis as Marty Durant
Kevin McNulty as Mayor Jim Tanner
Kirsten Robek as Miriam Mak
Sarah-Jane Redmond as Kate Rinaldi-Rogers
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kubicam 4 / 10 / 10

I expected more

From some of the other reviews, I expected this to be a bit less of a chore to watch. Without revealing any plot elements, let me just say that this movie starts out with some awkward dialogue; the acting is laughable at times, and the plot seems to progress far too quickly. I don't claim to be a film expert, but as a whole this seemed rushed. And why did we need so many shots of the meteors from space? We get it, they're heading towards the Earth. Some mild scientific inaccuracies and cliché plot suspense elements are present, but I can't say that I didn't expect them after the first few scenes. I'm sure this film would be bearable for a rainy day or a lazy Saturday morning, and I'm thankful that it wasn't much longer. I wasn't a huge fan of these two films either, but I'd say that Armageddon and Deep Impact would be much more worth your time. **Mild Spoiler Ahead** (are you really planning on watching it?) Favourite quote from the film: "Come on, if a meteorite can knock down a tree, you should be able to push it with your legs." It was a huge tree. Not much logic in that (terrible) scene, or in the rest of the film.

Reviewed by Theo Robertson 1 / 10 / 10

Reign Of Sickly Sweet Small Town Values

Apparently this is a sci-fi disaster movie . I use the word apparently because it rarely becomes apparent that its this type of genre . Instead we're treated ( Not the correct word ) to a disease of the week type TVM where a hard working mom juggles a career and angst ridden off spring along with an estranged husband . You'd think that with so much on her plate the last thing she'd need would be a deadly meteorite storm and so the producers of this tripe show her some mercy by not allowing any death defying derring-do until late in to the narrative . Though to be fair they do remind the audience as to what's coming by showing a shower of GCI boulders moving towards Earth . But by this time you'll be struggling to draw breath never mind stay awake When the meteors finally do hit the fan the disease of the week theme continues . It's really overdone as we're shown the community sticking together such as a picket line suddenly breaking up as the downtrodden blue collar proles realise that saving people from a burning supermarket is more important than striking for a living wage . We're even shown a vomit inducing scene in a hospital where a doctor explains to another character what wonderful staff he has because none of them have taken a day off work in 37 years . I'll tell you what - you might want to be absent from the room when a TV station broadcasts this sickly nonsense

Reviewed by gerhard-982-525360 1 / 10 / 10

This meteor shower is full of mischief

I started laughing after I have read the short summary of this movie in our TV Guide. If a meteor shower comes from one direction and a few of the meteors have hit a small town, tell me: how supposable is it that other parts of this meteor shower will hit the same town? Don't know? You would rather win the lottery 52 times in a year than this would happen! Planet Earth is moving through space with almost 30km/sec. This means: only one minute later the planet and also the town Cottonwood have moved 900km through Space, one hour later it will be 21600km. The only reason why a meteor shower could hit the same town twice would be: this meteor shower might be obsessed "I have to destroy Cottonwood. I have to follow planet earth!" OK, not every movie I like to watch has to be physically correct. I also sometimes switch off my brain and have some fun in front of the TV. But I don't want to see a movie, when reading the short summary tells me, that the screenwriter did not turn on his brain before writing. This comment may contain some grammar mistakes, because English isn't my first language. Gerhard

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