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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brockrockford 1 / 10 / 10

I'd rather sit through a 3-Day insurance seminar

This movie is so gawddog awful. The effects are preschool and the acting is a disgrace to the profession. The father's character is unbelievably terrible to the point where I was experiencing uncomfortable squeamishes. There is one thing going for it. It's so bad it could probably be, with a lot of tweaking, a pretty good comedy.

Reviewed by mrsapped 1 / 10 / 10

Do Not Believe The High Ratings

People are obviously voting high as a joke, or the creators are doing so. I swear on my life Amomaly is the worst movie I've ever seen. Apparently a group of everyday people decided they wanted to try & make a film. Better acting & costumes in a 6th grade play & I'm not exaggerating. What was supposed to be horror unintentionally turned into comedy. It is truly sad that these ppl couldn't see how awful every scene they shot was, when watching it back. Watch only if you have time to kill & want a good laugh.

Reviewed by dcarsonhagy 1 / 10 / 10

The Absurdness

I am dying to know how this big old POS rated 7.1 stars (out of 10, no less). It has got to be one of the worst movies to ever make release. I have absolutely nothing against "low budget." Sometimes that's all you have to make your film, but low budget doesn't have to be awful as well. A couple and their brood move into a house. Yawn. The wife giggles constantly and just seems to be high on life (gag), while the husband runs the acting gauntlet from A to B. Those who played the children got on my nerves something awful. Whomever narrated this piece of do-do displayed absolutely NO emotion. It's obvious the "house" was some long-abandoned dwelling the producers of this mess just happened upon. The walls and doors were FILTHY. As I was watching, I kept thinking why are you bothering to put up pictures, curtains, or anything else when it is obvious the damn thing needs painting? That is how distracting this was. You can never tell when it's light or dark. I suppose they couldn't plug in more than one lamp at a time for fear of a fire. Of course all the "demons" appear after sis and brother dig out a Ouija Board. Ain't we beat that horse to death yet? This was a total disaster from all angles. However, I'm sure the people involved can get their money back by working an extra shift at Denny's. Awful, just awful.

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