Another Heaven

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rstef1 7 / 10 / 10

Solid Entry in the Asian Horror Field

I would have given the film 8 stars if it had been a bit more tightly edited. Clocking in at 2 hours and 10 minutes it's just too long. Maintaining tension is a tricky business and this exhausts itself after about 105 minutes. That being said, it is still a very enjoyable action/horror/sci-fi flick. The cast, a mix of novice and veterans, acquit themselves nicely. I actually cared about what happened to them. A scene of brutality between two of the main characters a little over half-way through really shocked me and reminded me of a scene that could have been written by Neil Labute. Unfortunately, some other scenes tended to drag on too long and the movie lost its dark humored edge sometime after the first hour. The revelation at the end of the film is a bit anti-climactic and surprisingly unimportant by that point. Otherwise, the film is enjoyable with some great action sequences and a script that continues to surprise and thwart viewer expectations. I look forward to seeing more from this director and cast.

Reviewed by ladymidath 10 / 10 / 10

Great Horror Film

This was the film that introduced me to J-horror. I caught it on a late night showing on The World Movie channel and I was instantly hooked. Another Heaven is the kind of movie that Hollywood wishes they could make. It has all the ingredients of the perfect horror. Atmosphere, chilling scenes, great performances and and a tightly plotted script. The very first scene sets the pace when the police discover a murder. The pot bubbling away on the stove holds horrific contents and from there the police detectives follow a pattern of gruesome murders that are actually in fact supernatural. The scenes between one of the detectives and a doctor are very powerful. The film over all has a sense of menace that seems to be lacking in many horror films today. If you want to get a good introduction to Asian horror, Another heaven is the place to start.

Reviewed by Prophane33 10 / 10 / 10

Best Japanese Horror Movie Ever

George Iida created a masterpeice with this film. The lighting, the soundtrack (with my favorite song by Luna Sea "gravity used as the theme) Yokusuke Eguchi is awsome as Manabu. He and Yoshio Hirada just ooze cool as they are on the screen and Takashi Kashiwabara is actually scary as Kimura. There are cool guys, scary scenes, a great ending, and hot girls. What more could a Japanese horror fan ask for? I dont recommend this film to fans of american horror or as an introduction to japanese cinema as it may seem to tame to them. On the other hand if your idea of amazing cinema is battle royale and Gojira (1954) then this movie is for you!

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