Another Version of You


Adventure / Fantasy / Romance

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December 8, 2019



Alan Powell as Jed King
C.J. Perry as Lana
Kristopher Wente as Diggsy Ellston
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BonsaiCreativeEnterprises 9 / 10 / 10

The Perfect Stay-At-Home Date Movie

My first thought after seeing this film was that it's just the type of movie we need right now. Its ensemble cast brought a little something for everyone and took us on a journey of love and introspection. Though the premise is built on magic and science fiction, it is strongly based in reality with its true-to-life characters and real human emotions. It wasn't too much nor too little of anything and that's what made it so satisfying. Unlike so many films that oversaturate the screen with all-too-familiar tropes, Another Version of You takes those tropes and uses them to make the audience think just as much about themselves as they do about the characters on screen. They don't just hand the audience a sugar-dipped love story; instead, they offer a journey of self-discovery. As a true romantic comedy, Another Version of You is the perfect stay-at-home date movie. As I mentioned before, it has something for everyone so couples can kick back and enjoy this one together. If you're looking for a break from the glut of horrors, dramas, and over-the-top comedies streaming to your tv, this is the perfect movie to bring you back to Earth (in multiple universes). My hat goes off to the writer/director as well as to the cinematographer for this beautifully-shot film. It's not every day that you see an indie film look (and sound) this good. I will definitely recommend it to both friends and family as it hits the mark on so many levels. Well done!

Reviewed by ebelingnic 9 / 10 / 10

Fantastic Movie

Very interesting concept and a well develop delivery of the story. Kept my attention and my emotions going.

Reviewed by majidbhurgri-1 9 / 10 / 10

A thoroughly enjoyable flight of fantasy with an earthly soul.

Maker of the movie has taken a familiar concept, given it a few innovative twists and turns and the result is a fast paced, thoroughly enjoyable flight of fantasy with an earthly soul. The movie, let alone try to come up with any elaborate or grandiose explanation of how this travel between "parallel universes" is possible or works, does not even attempt to make sense of it. But it beautifully gets across the message of "what if" questions and their implications. How another film maker would have handled the concept, paradoxically is the very subject of the movie. I found it a fun and thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying experience which despite apparent flight of fantasy, used as a medium, remains thoroughly tied to our earthly and normal existence and addresses the choices and dilemmas of life and how we choose to face and resolve these.

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