Antarctica: A Year on Ice


Adventure / Biography / Documentary / Drama

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Reviewed by oblvon 10 / 10 / 10

An amazing work of art

This is a beautifully filmed, amazing work of craftsmanship. If I ever meet someone that doesn't find this fascinating and involving, I don't think I'd want to be their friend. I'm sure the creator has glossed over a lot of the negative aspects of life in Antarctica: Scant showers, little fresh food, inevitable interpersonal conflicts, and just the doldrums of being cooped up for months, among other things. But upon seeing this, especially the gorgeous long nighttime time lapse shots of the skies and stars, and the wonderful, untainted pure landscapes, I actually started searching on how to sign up. True, I am one of those weird souls that likes fall and winter probably best. If I was a bit younger and had less ties, I might give it a go. If NASA ever seriously looks for people for a Mars colony, they should ask some of these understated, competent, calm old souls if they'd be interested in signing up. I am not the most environmentally conscious person. Sure, I recycle and try not to waste too much, but the thought that mankind might someday spoil this pristine area, one of the last on Earth, and one of the only places no war has ever been fought makes me slightly ill. I can't thank the people involved in this enough for adding a bit of beauty to the world or at least bringing it to mainstream attention. I hope there never will be any reality shows filmed there like the ones that have invaded Alaska, though if there were, I would find it hard to not watch them.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 9 / 10 / 10

An amazing opportunity

You really have to admire the filmmakers and their willingness to put themselves way, way out to get a movie made. After all, most nature documentaries require a few weeks or perhaps a few months of filmmaking...yet these folks were there for a year. And, most importantly, they were in Antarctica for a year...and as I said, you really need to admire these folks. The film is set at the US (McMurdo) and New Zealand (Scott) research stations and I was surprised to hear that there were up to 5000 people in the many research stations during the summer months. This portion of the film was interesting, as it held seals and penguins and life seemed not entirely awful. However the hellish and LONG winter was actually much more interesting--with the storms and things the folks did to avoid becoming like Jack Nicholson in "The Shining"! Overall, this film has some of the most incredible cinematography in any film I've seen and it's never boring. I also wonder if it was originally made for the IMAX or OMNIMAX really would look insanely good on such screens.

Reviewed by UmpahpahBg 9 / 10 / 10

So Interesting that you forgot about imperfections...

A documentary made through the lenses of Anthony Powell, photographer who spent many years in Antarctica lead you to the incredible journey to the world we really don't know much. The author describe just a portion of this amazing place over one year of time, combining short interviews, wonderful time lapse photography and just a glimpses of ordinary life of the small population that works on Antarctica. The movie opened many fascinating phenomena, from the mighty storms and winds, cold, 4 months in constant daylight and than darkness and the ways people adapts to those conditions, (T3 Syndrome, for example) which can really be a separate topics for more than one documentary. Although the movie is not perfect, by my opinion, as it lack some inside to the geography of the place and at least some facts about the conditions there, it basically opened many more questions form me. This movie and its amazing topic with conditions where it was filmed basically don't give you the space to moan about imperfection that surely exists. Instead, it make you wondering about all what is seen, with a feeling that you would like to see much more.

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