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Jayne Eastwood as Mrs. Claus
Julian Richings as Henry Walsh
Kaitlyn Leeb as Yolanda
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Athanatos173 7 / 10 / 10

Simple But Creepy

The horror gendre has been one of my favorites for my entire life, yet the production of good movies in said gendre has been lacking, to put it mildly, in recent memory. The horror movies that are effective, for myself at least, are those which don't rely on jump scares and actually endeavour to creep you out, thereby instilling a lasting emotion when thinking about the film. Anything for Jackson, although not outstanding per se, does a fairly decent job of being creepy. The acting is fairly good, and though I admit I do have a soft spot for Julian Richings who plays Dr. Henry Walsh, the entire cast does a competent job. The writing was up to snuff as well, taking a very basic premise and fleshing it out, and the make up and effects department did a great job. I would recommend Anything for Jackson for a decent 90 minute watch.

Reviewed by rhcplolla2012 10 / 10 / 10


A pretty fun and wild experience, slightly spoiled by a underwhelming conclusion/ending.

Reviewed by kannibalcorpsegrinder 10 / 10 / 10

Absolutely stellar and chilling genre effort

After kidnapping a client of his, an elderly couple keeps her in their house until the time is right for them to transfer the soul of their deceased grandson into her unborn child, but when they realize something's gone wrong they realize what they've really done and try to stop it. This was a stellar and exceptionally impressive effort. One of the better features is the strong starting point that manages to offer up a wholly engaging start. The start to this with the kidnapping and holding hostage in their house is a decidedly bleak offering to bring up immediately in the film yet here is done in such a cheery manner that it becomes quite troubling to remember that the entire intent behind the incident is to use her unborn child for their own nefarious means. To see the precautions they take to ensure it goes smoothly, from checking the sound-proof quality of the room to ensuring she takes the medication and putting it out on social media that she'll be going silent from her own phone makes for a fun setup with the entire thing being done with a bright and cheerful attitude that belies their intentions. That makes the later scenes with the hauntings all the more fun when they realize what's gone on around them. With the early indications shown here with the images of the kid playing in the house as a ghost or the resurrection ceremony on the bird that comes back to life, the stage is set for the centerpiece sequence here with the transplantation ceremony that takes place. Getting the bedroom decked out the paraphernalia that's required for the transition to take place which is the usual fun featured in occult rituals as the blood-swapping, shaking objects and reanimations taking place alongside the convulsing patient makes for a great time. As the entire process goes off without a hitch and the belief that it's been successful, the resulting payoff becomes all the greater. That ceremony turns the film around quite nicely as they become convinced that something else has happened. The encounters each one has with the ghosts and spirits have quite a fun chill to it as the escalation from the tooth-sawing ghost to the white-sheet ghosts and the contortionist being turns this into a far more chilling effort than expected. As the slowly-dawning realization sets in on what they've done and the chilling finale comes into play, there's plenty to like here with the dark conclusion that gives everything an appropriate wrap-up. There isn't much wrong here, which mainly revolves around the flashbacks of the two in the early stages of the pregnancy visiting in the office. We know where it goes, they don't offer anything new and just scream filler by being cut out of the film altogether without altering much. Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Language.

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