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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by davidals 10 / 10 / 10

My Introduction To Satyajit Ray

Even as the middle segment of a trilogy, this was my introduction to Satyajit Ray, turning me into an instant fan, and is one of the greatest films I've seen. The neo-realist leanness the film is completely absorbing & is perfectly matched to the characters. Not having been to India, I'll admit to being unsure of how true to reality the look of the film is, but Ray's gift for detail is in a league of its' own - I consider the opening scenes (establishing shots from Benares intercut with shots of young Apu running through narrow lanes) to be among cinema's most memorable moments, and a great example of allowing images and rhythm to tell a story. I don't want to overstate it, but this is a really beautiful, haunting film - from it's warmest to it's most tragic elements, I was thinking about it for quite a while afterwards. APARAJITO is obviously the work of a genuinely enthusiastic filmmaker, and also a great thinker as well - every cinephile should see it. Would love to see all of Ray's work available in the US, and on DVD.

Reviewed by tc707 10 / 10 / 10

continuation of a masterpiece

Ray's 'Aparajito' continues with its second installment as we see the beautiful but harsh world through the eyes of 'Apu'. Ray's portrayal of Apu's innocence and curiosity during his maturation into adolescence was spectacular. However, the pinnacle of the film is heart wretching performance of Apu's Mother, whose portrayal of fretfulness, nurturing, and loneliness pulled at this reviewer's heart strings. Although this film is filled with moments of sadness and despair, this film is about Apu weathering the seemingly endless storm of personal tragedy and eventually reaching maturation.

Reviewed by Tetsel 10 / 10 / 10

Another Masterpiece from Ray

'Aparajito', the second film of Satyajit Ray's brilliant 'Apu Trilogy', is one of the great masterpieces of film. The gritty realism melds expertly with the beautiful shot selection and cinematography. In fact, I would say Ray's India is presented at least as well as John Ford's American West. What is essentially a simple tale of one particular family turns into an epic of emotion and the difficulties of growing up. Truly amazing.

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