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Jon Campling as Electromagnetic Man
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nigel P 7 / 10 / 10

Spoilers follow ...

I was sufficiently entertained by 'Zombie Massacre 2: Reich of the Dead' to seek out its prequel. With this debut, the filmography isn't quite as bleak and gritty, but the characters are better defined – i.e.: there ARE some actual characters in this, not just cliché-spouting action men as there are in ZM2. Most of the acting here is fine, some isn't. So – much like the other film, this is a bit of a mixed bag. Zombies by their very nature are limited threats. They eat you, you turn into one of them. So wisely – or unwisely, depending on your point of view – the narrative here concentrates mostly on the human crew, a team of mercenaries contracted by the authorities to cover up an outbreak of the living dead, for which the Government (represented by General Carter played by Carl Wharton) is responsible. The remainders take time to make an impression, but after the arrival of a hillbilly and his (suspiciously young) girlfriend, the entourage prove to be pretty well-defined, especially 'Mad Dog' Mackellen (Mike Mitchell). The Freddie Krueger-esque zombies themselves are more human than the full mask creatures from 'ZM2', which is probably budget necessitated, and there are plenty of them here. Luca Boni has a flair for these kind of pictures and succeeds mainly in the bleakness of the situation. He's directed several other films in this genre, one of which appears to be another sequel to this, entitled 'Eaters: Rise of the Dead.' Sadly, a couple of the more anticipated deaths toward the end of the film actually take place off-camera. Worst offender is that of General Carter, whose death the viewer has been anticipating throughout the film and we don't see it! There's also a spot of unwelcome and unnecessary moral philosophising from the remaining heroes – but other than that, I really enjoyed this. There are some very enjoyable twists and turns along the way of the thinly-spread plot that keeps the audience on its toes. It isn't flawless, but I would certainly look forward to any possible Zombie Apocalypse 3. As a coda: there is a bizarre end scene that comes from nowhere but provides a satisfying topless bloodbath towards throughout the end credits. It proves if nothing else that, although the threat featured throughout this picture may have been curtailed, there are still plenty more of the living dead 'out there.'

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10 / 10

No reason to watch this one

The usual bottom-feeding zombie guff, made by the couple of Italians who also did a Nazi-themed sequel, Reich OF THE DEAD. I saw that first and wasn't impressed, but it's still substantially better than this appallingly poor low budget effort that lacks heart and grace. We all know that cheap zombie films are ten a penny these days so they have to really stand out to make an impression. APOCALYPSE Z features some of the poorest zombie actors I can remember seeing; they don't lurch or shamble, they just walk or run around like regular people. A half-decent make-up job is the only saving grace these 'walkers' have. Where the film particularly falls down is in the calibre of the acting. The characters are all over the top and saddled with outrageous mannerisms that makes them feel cartoonish. The plot is virtually non-existent, although I appreciate that the film does have a clean digital feel to it and given the right story and set-up it might have been half decent. Instead, it alternates between being very silly and very dull.

Reviewed by mboharsik-355-749028 3 / 10 / 10

Enjoyment requires alcohol

They tried to make up for the first hour and 20 minutes with boobs at the end but it didn't make up for it at all. The dog was cool even though it didn't act like it was in peril at all, it just seemed like it was waiting for treats. I don't really understand why the chick who didn't talk about the beginning was aiming down her sword like it was a gun but whatever. I'm not in a position to question others' "artistic liberties". THEY CHAINED UP A LITTLE GIRL AND WE NEVER SAW WHAT HAPPENED TO HER. The continuity doesn't follow through. The sword girl disappeared for like 10 minutes and then appeared out of nowhere during the F-F-F-FINAL BOSS. The movie just ended on a completely underwhelming note. There was no build up, no tension, and therefore a payoff wasn't even possible. They should have shot the little girl in the head.

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