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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jotix100 7 / 10 / 10

The musical

Nanni Moretti is seen watching television with his mother. They are watching a debate in which the candidates on the upcoming presidential election. It is clear Silvio Berlusconi, a man Mr. Moretti dislikes, is going to be the winner. As he explored in his more interesting "Il Caimano", there was no love lost between the director and Mr. Berlusconi. "Aprile" is a film that tries to cover a lot of territory. It is, basically, Nanni's own observations about his profession, which at the moment we come to the story seems to be facing an artistic crisis, a blockage, if you have it. The director, who loves to gather newspaper articles that he might perhaps use later on in a film, wants to do a musical comedy film. For that, he interviews Silvio Orlandi, an actor not known for his singing, or dancing abilities, for the leading role. When the shooting begins, Mr. Moretti feels he is not ready to go ahead and dismissed everyone. This film also takes a look at the arrival of his son. First, his wife, Agatha, announces the impending arrival of the baby. Nanni and Agatha are seen going over possible names for the child. Since they know it will be a son, they decide to name him Pietro. The delivery is a trial for Nanni, who is a nervous wreck in the hospital. The best thing is that Pietro arrives after an extreme difficult delivery. The boy is a cuddly infant that is last seen with his father among the beloved newspaper cuttings. Nanni Moretti is an acquired taste. He is not for everybody, but once that is accepted, he gets our attention. His neurotic trances reminds us of another director, Woody Allen, not that they are alike, but there is a certain similarity in the way they spend their nervous energy. As far as this film is concerned, it's all about Nanni Moretti and don't you forget it!

Reviewed by Gyran 7 / 10 / 10

Deadpan Moretti

Aprile (1988) I enjoyed this film as much as Caro Diario. I thought it was hilarious, although Nanni Moretti's humour is so deadpan I suspect some people may watch this film without realising that it's supposed to be funny. Also, as someone who is interested in Italian politics but finds it confusing, I found the political parts quite interesting. Still, the film is not really about Italian politics, it's about Nanni Moretti.

Reviewed by Forbes500 7 / 10 / 10

Improves with age

Whether mine or the movie's I'm not sure. In any case, when I saw this movie in Buenos Aires on its theatrical release, I was kind of disappointed. I'd seen _Caro Diario_ just a little earlier and thought that _Aprile_ lacked the freshness of the earlier movie. Plus, I found the stuff about Berlusconi and the elections kind of boring. But after having seen most of Moretti's other movies, I took another look at _Aprile_ and realized that it's a wise and moving--if occasionally annoying--piece of work, after all. Certainly no less an achievement than _Caro Diario_ or _The Son's Room_. And if, like me, you've seen other Moretti movies, you realize that things that might seem incoherent on first viewing, such as musicals about dancing pastry chefs, are in fact long-time obsessions. In his movies, Moretti's character is always surrounded by people: fellow leftists, old friends, family, parishioners, patients, and so on. But despite all these social ties, there's also a basic solitude that Moretti explores in his movies. I think that's why I like them. Oh, and one more thing: he always makes Italy look gorgeous.

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