Are All Men Pedophiles?


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kejholliday 9 / 10 / 10

This documentary will provoke your thoughts and make you squirm with discomfort!

So often sensitive or taboo subjects are avoided, and it's better to be open and honest about them so we can gain a better understanding of ourselves and those around us. If a person is 24 and is in a relationship with a 16 yr old, is that wrong? What about 30 and 16? 40 and 16? The film argues that girls mature sooner than boys, and for thousands of years our life expectancy was 33 so it made sense to reproduce as soon as the woman came of age (began menses) In the film, they interview a female pedophile. Her graphic story was difficult for me to hear. Another shocking moment is when they interview a woman who was repeatedly raped as a child by her father and a neighbor. They also interview a man who is out about being a pedophilia. During that interview it is noted that pedophilia is an orientation, not an action. The man interviewed claims to be a non-exclusive, non-offending pedophile, meaning he admits he is sexually attracted to children, but is also attracted to adults and does not act on his attraction to children. He believes a lot of people are attracted to kids; they just won't dare to acknowledge it. What about the weird sexualization of girls in our society, such as making sweatpants for little girls with words like "JUICY" on the butt? Makeup for kids grooms them for future sexual advertising. And of course, there's the whole beauty pageants for little girls racket. A friend of mine went to jail for a year because his friend sent him a topless picture of his girlfriend. Turns out the girlfriend was 16 and he got busted for possession of child porn. When he got out of jail he found a job, but was fired two weeks later when the employer found out about his criminal record. Chid porn is people under age 18 who are portrayed in sexual, lewd conduct erotic behavior. So wouldn't that mean that many magazine ads are child porn? This film digs into these topics and more.

Reviewed by gavin6942 2 / 10 / 10

Rough But Interesting

What is the difference between normal, healthy men and pedophiles? According to this documentary, as men age, their desires expand but do not simply change. They claim this is connected to the Stone Age, and the age people mated then. They also throw in Greek pederasty and how sexuality has changed through the lens of society. Some issues are brought up, like the different maturity ages for men and women. We learn that Western society stigmatizes men who are attracted to young women while simultaneously promoting teen girls in the fashion industry and the media. We learn of lolicon. Most striking is the claim that men today are afraid of touching children, including even showing affection towards their own children. The "pedophile" label has become so widespread that men fear it. The film as a whole is rough, and at times not as authoritative as it could be. This is a topic that ought to be addressed again, perhaps with more studies. Trying to sort fact from opinion in this one is tough.

Reviewed by mo123567 2 / 10 / 10

This documentary has an agenda

"Are All Men Pedophiles?" demonstrates the separation between people who are attracted to children (pedophiles), people who are attracted to infants (infantophiles), and people who are attracted to teens (hebephiles). It is on the last group that the film eventually focuses on. From the minute you see the cover featuring an attractive underage female model, and then are presented with biblical and historical evidence of men's desire for young pubescent girls the film is leading you to it's desired conclusion. You are expected to come to the realization that you (you thought that young model was attractive right?) and just about everyone else currently and throughout history has been attracted to young teen age girls, therefore you should accept hebephilia as a part of society or you are a hypocrite because you are in fact a hebephile as well. Here's the problem with that. The film doesn't really take into account the rights of the young females in question. So what if you can prove that all men are attracted to young girls and it has been a part of human culture for thousands of years? There have been many things that have been pretty common throughout human history and prehistory. Slavery and unequal rights for woman come to mind. We can and have began the process of moving past these relics from the past and age of consent laws are also part of our progress as a civilization. Even if all men can be shown to be attracted to young teen girls, it still does not mean that it is in the interest of the girls. Just as most people can be proved to want more money, it doesn't mean that we have to allow them to steal it from someone else. In the end though, whether you agree with the point of this documentary or not, it is misleading and attempts to fool the viewer into adopting the desired opinion of the documentary's creator. The clever marketing also plays into this by saying that this is "the most controversial documentary ever made" and setting people up to be accused of not having an open mind if they disagree. The documentary says that there are two sides to every story and it presents you with two sides: You agree or you are a hypocrite. The truth is that there are more than two sides to every story and this documentary attempts to hide or discredit those sides that don't conform with it's goal. This documentary is not objective and I would advise anyone who watches it to be sure to keep their mental guard up against the false choices this documentary cleverly presents.

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