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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by charles000 9 / 10 / 10

Amazingly well done . . .

Amazingly well done. An excellent example of what genuine quality writing and story telling can do, without having to rely on big budget CGI and cliché' gimmicks. The premise of the film is not at all implausible, and much of the precursor elements that are the core criteria of this story are readily observable in current times. If anything, this darkish glimpse into a foreboding near future realm may be a bit too realistic for some, who are already keenly aware of these precursor elements in their current form. Stylistically, it does have some hints of the original Blade Runner tone to it, though not nearly as far into the future realm that BR portrays. The premise of Ares is much more gritty, down to earth, immersed into the frailties and challenges of the human condition, extruded through the mandrill of a dystopian near future world of crushing economic disparity mapped against corporate intrigues and corruption with a particularly ironic twist, the relevancy of which becomes immediately apparent within the first few minutes of the film. This is one of those productions which could have turned out very badly, if mishandled with clumsy direction or cheesy cardboard characters, which has become all too common in typical Hollywood productions. Thankfully, however, this is not one of those examples, but rather a refreshingly rare example to the contrary. Aside from a couple of minor plot holes, which the viewer can discover for themselves, I give this production a very solid 9 out of 10 stars.

Reviewed by thekarmicnomad 9 / 10 / 10

Gritty dystopian character movie with a tiny slither of cyberpunk.

In France of the future the corporations are all powerful. Despite owning pretty much everything they seem bent on ruining everyone's day for a profit. It is now legal to test chemicals and robotics on people, leading to some great gizmos and some very messed up test subjects. The title character is a boxer who ekes a living by getting his head kicked in on cable TV. He is a quiet, moody pragmatist dedicating himself to survival. His sister and niece have much grander ideas. What follows is a great character study. It is the realist verses the idealist. If no body tries to make a change then nothing changes - on the other hand you have to accept the cost that you and those around you are going to pay. The action is fairly light, there are some fisty-cuffs but nothing to get excited about. The characters are very interesting and well cast. The filming is purposely dark and grungy - don't expect too much of Sci- Fi this is mainly about a clash of ideals. Definitely worth a Netflix watch.

Reviewed by lariba-19733 9 / 10 / 10

Great cyberpunk also for non-fans of the genre

Amazing. Dystopian vision encapsulated in fairly short, yet well served story. It's barebone, it's told consequently, characters are credible (even though stereotypes are used heavily) and the makers managed not only to fit into the story large, unpleasant vision of broken society but also how it influences ordinary people relationships, way of thinking and how burdensome simple decency might be. And the level of world-building details, all of them placed well and presented naturally - oh, it's really great. Sci-fi was always about warning and exploring possible futures of mankind and cyberpunk sub-genre dwells on particularly disillusioned assessment of human nature. Make no mistake, this is not William Gibson copy, it is original piece and has unique touch to it (Eiffel tower burdened with giant commercial displays is really a view to remember). Yet given how the western society looks like nowadays it continues to underline and repeat the vision of very pessimistic consequences down that path. We can get a glimpse on that terrifying future walking along with Ares, ex professional boxer, riot cop hired for hours whos dream of decent, peaceful life is a corner kiosk. Ares is forced to get back on the ring and well, things go south at some point. The crates and secured doors. The groceries bought through small slipping hole (so the shop robbery isn't that easy). The shop-keeper speaking through mic and pushing away regular customer, a total negative of still existing cozy small-shop topos with keeper knowing his regulars and chatting with them about their lives. Such details, small touches, consequently presented throughout the movie make this world terrifyingly alive and... possible. Must see for cyberpunk fans, should see for anyone who likes condensed, yet complete story with good visuals.

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