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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eronaque 8 / 10 / 10

Light Hearted Comedy - watch it for fun

Watch this movie not for its story, but when it is for a time when you want to relax, do nothing, think nothing, for pure entertainment. Few punchlines, jokes are hilarious and you have the right combination of people to deliver it. You have just fine actors like Diljeet and Varun Sharma who really are just not acting but enjoying their acting, Their comic timings are world renowed and its fun to watch them together on screen. Kirti Soman plays her role very subtly, we all know she may not be a comedy type delivery person but kind of does justice to her role with her beauty. If you are no nonsense type of person, then dont even dare to watch it because you would judge it wrong however, if you are fun loving person, who knows when to enjoy a good laugh, then this is just for you .. So Enjoy !!!

Reviewed by tavasees 10 / 10 / 10

Indians Still don't have a taste for a spoof comedy, hence the poor ratings.

If you've watched enough spoof comedies like scary movie ( easiest to understand for noobs), 300 spoof, etc. only then you're going to cherish it's making. This is a police spoof comedy whose humour is complex enough to be misjudged to be a drama comedy movie. People would expect a story line but they should understand that all spoof comedies are only made to mock a mainstream movie. All the reviews saying that it doesn't have a story line and it is mindless (kuch bhi ho rha hai) don't understand this genre at all. Such people should not watch it as they won't understand it. This movie mocks the hit Indian formula of a righteous cop like singham, Simba, dabbang. Which do wonders at single screen cinemas. The mockery is hillariously complex and executed in a great manner that you'll understand only if you've a nack and understanding for spoof comedies. If yes, then you should watch it coz it's style of spoof is somewhat fresh and new. If not, then please go and watch mainstream bollywood movies and wait for singham 3 or whatever you want.

Reviewed by manamritsingh 10 / 10 / 10

Idk when people will start to get parodies

Samajh nahi aayi lokan nu TBH the movie is great Didn't get bored even a single minute What else do you expect from a parody ? Want it to make you cry ??

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