Armed Response


Action / Horror / Thriller

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April 23, 2019



Anne Heche as Dr. Tess Martin
Dave Annable as Gabriel
Gene Simmons as Self - Kiss
Wesley Snipes as Jimmy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10 / 10

B-movie isn't too bad

ARMED RESPONSE is a low budget little action/horror flick notable for featuring an interesting plot and a semi-decent cast. A bunch of mercenaries are sent into an abandoned military compound to investigate the disappearance of those working inside, only to find themselves trapped within the walls by a malfunctioning computer system. They soon uncover the building's CCTV footage and find out just what happened to the missing. This film harks back to the likes of SESSION 9 in terms of setting and plot development, but has extra fight scenes and military fetishism. It's notable for featuring Wesley Snipes in a rare role since his prison term and he's as good as ever, although only featuring as part of the team. Anne Heche appears too, in case you ever wondered what happened to her career. There are some good scare scenes featured here and lots of violence for the horror crowd.

Reviewed by djg32514 1 / 10 / 10

Pretty poorly done

Ok. Our government creates a cyber system called the Temple, and, there are a thirteen of them distributed throughout the globe. Basically an AI without them stating as such. This AI has numerous abilities one of which is as the ultimate lie detector. Couple this with its apparent ability, never truly explained, to extract information from subjects. Complete visual and auditory information. Of course something goes wrong. One of the Temples is located in the U.S. in an abandoned, modern prison facility. The facility is guarded by a spec ops team. When things go bad the on-site team is eliminated. Enter our cast. Another spec ops team. Ok now I try to be open minded but I grow really weary of Hollywood intersecting diminutive females into the teams. See see the all the time now. So enter Anne Hesche. A very mediocre actress whom we are expected to believe is a highly trained spec ops warrior. Never mind the rest of the team dwarfs her by at least a foot and a hundred pounds, she is put forth as the team bad-ass. Not buying it at all. Plot has tons of holes bordering on incoherent. Smiles must really need cash after his jail time for tax evasion.

Reviewed by nikola17 1 / 10 / 10

Oh GOD People don't even Bother Wasting Time For This Movie

Wesley Snipes i don't blame at him never do because he is their just for paycheck to pay Tax. he is SO bored and burning out of his skull in this movie is such bad weird look of film. director John Stockwell i loved In The Blood, Kickboxer Vengeance i loved it but needs more of effort, Blue Crash, Into Blue good movies but this come on it's Wesley Snipes movie but he is lead actor lead role it say's it on poster and trailer but it's trick the lead role that switch's to Dave Annable god he is not that good of lead actor but he is OK not greatest actor or character in movie i thought this was pointless cheap bad story Fake Stupid CGI bad film very bad i blame director and writers for this movie. Wesley Snipes doesn't care about this movie because he is in the all movie but he doesn't do much action i don't how is this a action movie it's very stupid made movie. It's a crying shame. Wesley got the acting chops and the martial arts skills. He just needs that one right role. I wish Tarantino or Rodriguez could come up with a vehicle for him and Scott Adkins movie i would love to see it but someone gave Wesley Snipes rubbish opportunity of this movie believe me it's terrible you don't want to buy it because i did it for Wesley Snipes i look at cover he is lead actor lead character i am thinking OK what's problem with that. i spend $20 for this piece of this rubbish movie god i wish it was on Netflix or something but i have it in my collection of Wesley Snipes movies but this planning maybe selling it to space movie doesn't exist anymore. Plot is really pointless hard to understand it's confusing it doesn't know where it's going or who is lead hero or lead villain should have kept story simple. A team of highly trained Issac (Wesley Snipes) Gabriel (Dave Annable) and Brett (Colby Lopez) or (Seth Rollins) what ever his name is. Saeed Refai (Eyas Younis), Riley (Anne Heche) they went to isolated military compound they got trapped find themselves trapped inside and it's not creature's or zombies i really wish it was one of another of that not a ghost boring revenge film this all thing in movie is such pointless believe me it's really bad film the action was only little believe me the all movie in hour is just walking and talking to know what's going on i found this such pointless to know what is it. is it creature ?? but no you have main villain in movie actor End of Days, 2 Fast 2 Furious actor (Mo Gallini)Ahmadi who is a terrorist group locked up in prison and he is such pointless boring character in movie. believe me Wesley Snipes does noting besides he is in movie and talks to know what's really going on. i thought it was weird looking of movie weird looking the acting is terrible but Wesley Snipes has good acting but he wasn't best in movie rest of another are OK but not good actors at all i like wrestler Seth Rollins but it doesn't save movie. Wesley Snipes could not save this movie at all not in 2 feet, come on People are giving really bad Opportunity's for Wesley Snipes just because he is B-Class actor doesn't mean he can't go back as lead actor in a big budget action flick we are in 2017 we didn't need to see a 90's horror style of movie or boring style of actors don't know what they doing the script is SO flat although Wesley Snipes not the main character this movie is tricking everyone crash grab movie for noting total nonsense, with more plot holes, missing plots and confusing dialogue such confusing movie and director between these two don't know what to do or what to write for this is Confusing plot of movie when you follow story all that in every scenes it changes it to one thing to another flat movie can't make choice of writing this movie. later on you have this most confusing Silly plot can't keep things simple A recently abandoned prison is haunted? Alive, via artificial intelligence? and kills a group of people working there, knowing that a specific military group would be sent to investigate, and it would be the same people who are responsible for a killing in Afghanistan and Wesley Snipes Character Issac is turned himself a Bad Guy even he is lead actor he can't be Good Guy in this movie he has to turn into bad guy because he is Simon Phoenix Demolition Man DUMB Twist like movie doesn't know who needs to be lead or villain ?? he turns into a bad guy for no reason he was responsible for killing Afghanistan, and this haunted/ alive prison kills them one by one, after having " judged them " , while each person individually plots to double cross and kill each other I don't know, this makes absolutely no sense at all believe don't waste $20 or $25

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