Army of Frankensteins

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Reviewed by kosmasp 5 / 10 / 10

Tongue in cheek

This d-movie (or even lower in the alphabet if you actually think about the budget this had) is actually fun to watch. Because it knows what it is, and it makes fun of itself and that's a good thing. Take a politician for example, who looks at his portrait and says "This doesn't look like me" (I might be paraphrasing a bit here) - this is tipping your hat to the fact, that the actor actually doesn't quite look like the one he should be portraying and making light fun of that. The whole time travel thing is muddled to say the least and character decisions sometimes feel forced to move the plot or make something happen that could've been avoided. But remember, this is just a very very low budget movie. Don't be too hard on it or just don't watch it

Reviewed by Pumpkin_Man 2 / 10 / 10

Crazy Stupid Hilarious Fun!!!

I was half expecting to hate this and fast forward, but the plot is so bizarre and insane, I couldn't help but love it. It's filled with silly comedy, time travel, American History, the civil war, and Frankenstein monsters...lots of them! The gore is decent for such a low budget movie. The story revolves around Alan Jones, who thinks his girlfriend is cheating on him. He is attacked and gets his eye taken by Dr. Tanner and his boy assistant, Igor. The monster is brought to life, but a freak accident happens, and they are all taken back to 1865, the year of the Civil War. They must not only survive the Confederate side, but must deal with the Frankenstein army clone of monsters. If you love so bad-it's good style movies, and time traveling monsters, you'll love ARMY OF FRANKENSTEINS!!!

Reviewed by keko922-2 2 / 10 / 10


I didn't give this a one because I finished watching it. This is one of those movies where you ask yourself, are people this dumb. The things the characters do is well you wish you can reach into the screen and slap one of them. I enjoy monster movies and time traveling but this didn't do it for me. The acting is lousy and I have to mention I am glad it was a free movie. I would have been upset had I been the one to pay for it. A movie you can watch if it comes on free TV in a late late late movie. I really do not know what else to say here because I need to write more lines. There really is not much else to write about without giving movie dialogues. I basically already wrote the obvious. It is a lousy movie and watch it when you have nothing else to do but don't buy it A civil war with Frankenstein's.

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