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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by arun_singh300 10 / 10 / 10

an emotional saga of love and sacrifice

Arpan is a story of love, of sacrificing everything to save your lover's hone.Reena Roy's best film also one of the best of Jeetendra and Parveen of the Raj Babber's more difficult and complex role,from a negative shade to a pathetic is superb by Laxmikant Pyarelal.the best being Lata Mangeshkar's "Pardes Ja Ke Pardesiya","Likhne Wale Ne Likh Dale....Asa Hud Turja Laye...." and Anwar's "Mohabbat Ab Tijarat Ban Gayi Hai". Reena Roy and Jeetendra are engaged.he has to go to Europe for some business deal.meanwhile his sister gets pregnant.Reena Roy decides to marry her off to her boyfriend in absence of Jeetendra.Raj Babber who is her boss and wants to get her at all costs kidnaps the bridegroom.he puts a proposal before Reena Roy marry me and i will let him go .she to save her true love's hone marries her.she tells the sister never to tell her brother about it.Raj Babber mistreats her for he knows she doesn't loves him,and his friends admonish him for the way he treated his wife. when Jeetendra returns he thinks she betrayed him and married raj babber for his money.his heart breaks and he gets really's advise him to take a holiday on some hill station. there he meets parveen babi.he again falls in the same hotel raj babber and Reena Roy comes to stay.raj babber's excesses of sex and booze have taken a toll on him ,he was dying of kidney failure. rest of the story is an emotional journey where Jeetendra comes to know the truth which just overwhelms him. an excellent film from J. Om Prakash filled with Indianness and Indian values that love is not about receiving but about giving and what true love really is a heart felt on shemaroo is of good quality.

Reviewed by Tejas_Vinda_AITS 5 / 10 / 10

Reena Roy's best run..!

I wached the movie on a Thursday morning in April.It is an emotional film.Certain scenes brought tears to my eyes in particular the sequence when a repentent Raj Babbar comes home and regrets to his wife for his past misbehaviours with her. Reena Roy puts in a great performance. Reena Roy's third consecutive hit with director J Om Prakash. All three movies had Jeetendra as the hero but a different heroine in a parallel role - Sulakshana Pandit in Apnapan, Rameshwari in Aasha and Parveen Babi in Arpan. Jeetendra did good work as well..!!

Reviewed by Ibuk 5 / 10 / 10

An unconvincing melodrama

Maybe after watching Bollywood movies for almost thirty years since a young age I have become somewhat cynical to Bollywood movies. Ten years ago I probably have lapped a movie like Arpan up but as it turned out I actually disliked it quite a bit. The story goes like this, Jeetendra has to leave his girlfriend (Reena Roy) when he goes abroad for a job. In the meantime Roy's employer (the magnificent Raj Babbar) takes a fancy to her too and when she turns him down, he decides he must seek vengeance on her so he learns that Jeetendra's unwed sister is pregnant,he uses to his advantage to blackmail Roy into marrying him, which she does to save the honour of Jeentendra's family. On his return to India, Jeteendra is left devastated, not knowing the real reason why Roy ended up marrying her employer. The second half deals with how Babbar abuses Roy, Jeetendra trying to movie on with his life and how things comes to a head when the truth comes out. That is the basic gist of the plot, the first half is tolerable but the second half has a lot of unnecessary melodrama, most of it completely unconvincing, like whenBabbar finds out that his days of drinking have finally taken a toll on his health and he suddenly changes his attitude towards his wife andshe believes him without batting an eyelid. Then there is the tearjerker finale, which comes completely out of the blue and serves no purpose whatsoever other than to manipulate the audience. To be honest by that point I couldn't really care less. The one thing Arpan does have going for it is some wonderful music, courtesy of Lyricist Anand Bakshi and Lakmikant Pyarelal. Pardes mein ja kar pardesiyan and Mohabbat Ijarat baan gaye are superb. All in all I expected better from J. Om Prakash, whose Apnanpan and Asha I actually liked quite a bit. If you do like emotional dramas then there are better movies out there to sink your teeth into. Completely forgettable fare

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