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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Raven-1969 8 / 10 / 10

Trouble & Tribulation of Russian EMT

Oleg's life as an emergency medical technician is fraught with trouble and tribulation; hostility to treatments, toxic complaining, serious threats and pointless, relentless stress. Such concerns merely involve Oleg's boss. Patients are trouble too. They include violent drunks, hypochondriacs, religious freaks who refuse treatment and more. Clueless administrators add counterproductive procedures, the menace of layoffs, humiliating assignments and the focus on profits over people. On top of this, Oleg tortures himself with serious bouts of drinking and depression. Of course, nothing in life is more important than your lover. Katya, Oleg's wife, is demanding a divorce for both real and imagined slights. It is hard to tell when Oleg is in or out of the ambulance. He faces key decisions about what or who is most important to him. Arrhythmia provides a captivating glimpse into the ups and downs of being a Russian EMT. Hand-held cameras further emphasize the erratic nature of this work, and Oleg's relationships and inner turmoil. Scene settings are mostly inside the city, yet on at least one occasion a beautiful birch forest becomes the background. The actors are capable and believable. Arrhythmia is well organized and riveting. Seen at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Reviewed by EnoVarma 10 / 10 / 10

Bringing Out The Barely Living

Aritmiya is a story of a Russian husband and wife working as doctors told in realistic style. Katya is a surgeon, Oleg an ambulance doctor. They live in a small apartment, struggling with money and even more with their work: the health department is all but broken. As is their marriage. For Oleg, a sensitive soul passionate about his job, it is a well of endless angst, that he and his collegues are not given a chance to perform their job adequately. This is a captivating, deeply humane movie, very true to life. It lacks a certain finesse in execution, but it makes up for that with its dedicated depiction of the people and their surroundings. The ambulance cases are so well made, that they are always the highlights of film. The movie is carried by the excellent actors playing the parts of Oleg and Katya. In the end, nothing has changed, and therein lies the message of the movie.

Reviewed by ed-77737 10 / 10 / 10

A wonderful film!

Although I am British I have lived and worked in Russia many years and truly appreciate how accurate this film is, and unlike many rather soulful depressing movies that Russia often produces this is a warm, touching drama with wonderful nuanced performances by fine actors. The two stars, Irina Gorbachova (absolutely radiant) and Aleksandr Yatsenko (such a superb actor) are perfect as are the rest of the cast (I loved Nikolay Shrayber as a slightly resigned but cheerful companion). It also gives an insight into the life of an Ambulance Doctor... itself very interesting. Recommended!

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