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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by saisandeep-70194 7 / 10 / 10

Good emotional drama spoilt by its reviews

I don't dislike this movie and at the same time I dont think it is a path breaking experience and questions society as I have seen in some reviews.Though it is high on emotions,the ratings,and the beginning 20 mins are highly misleading.Heck even the storyline present in imdb is misleading.The protagonist as said in that storyline does not take hard on people instead she is amicable and playful which is a huge let down for me because I was misled by its ratings and initial 20 minutes.I wanted her to be rebellious and question the perception of majority.The movie doesn't put forward a moral and critical question but instead gives a lament message which it does very well indeed.I don't know why people think otherwise and say that their perception is changed.If this movie came 10-15 years before I may have agreed with that statement.Because if you had a contradicting perception before I don't know how do you fit in 21st century.Is this movie a new attempt and is never tried before?Yes but isn't as courageous as I have expected.Now coming to the positives the emotional thread of protagonist is well executed and the actress who did it is amazing.I don't want to spoil too much but the life of lead character is shown very well with little diversions here and there.There are some flaws in other characters but it is acceptable if you overlook it.These are my opinions about the movie.Avoid falling for its high ratings and reviews and enjoy the emotional drama and exceptional performance of the lead character.

Reviewed by praghalathank 5 / 10 / 10

Middle part is amazing; but overall, contrived and sentimental

The middle part of the movie that deals with the reality TV show is a well-made spoof and critique of shows of such genre. But, the whole story is rather contrived; and the ending too sentimental. I wonder why the director chose a taboo subject and tried to glorify that character beyond normal circumstances. It is also obvious that the story intends to portray the lead female actor as a liberal girl fed up with social expectations for conformity. But, such a girl still has to contract AIDS under 'mysterious' circumstances! Probably, the makers were so much concerned to take care of her so called 'character'! May be, from their point of view the character might have lost its 'purity' if AIDS was contracted through the most common means! The movie tries hard to send a liberal message, but falters because it itself couldn't break the social expectations with regards to women.

Reviewed by bibingraj 5 / 10 / 10

Good attempt at total social commentary, but ultimately flawed..

(This is the longest review I have ever written! Why I wrote this long because I needed to pour out my whole brain in to a thing which was all against what I am hearing from people. I might be going harsh on this film but it is to express my flaws in the movie. I have no idea if you would read all this, but hey if you are up for it, let go on this ride.) Guess I'm the black ship. Because I think the movie is okay, not much more than that. I think it had great potential to be more. This large hype and this hysteria, I really don't know, maybe because people always got/saw 'mass' films and over the top films, not the down to earth one. If you loved and enjoyed this film, good for you! The beginning montage shots through Aruvi's life was brilliant. The director deserves due respect for those moments, just beautiful. The way he concealed how her family ostracize her, how she got aids, the family misunderstanding was very good. But for me in the 2nd act while the director, Arun prabhu was getting on with his commentary of reality shows (the comedy moments) ,when the three guys were called up, she reveals she has aids and all hell breaks loose, the movie faltered for me. The timing of her coming to the show is off. Because temple guy, friend's dad all violated her when she was still in home (with her parents) or after she left her home. Then she arranged the 1 lakh for her father, where the 3rd person (guy who hired her for tailoring) comes into play. But after that she goes on a vacation with her friend and all. All these must have taken at least some months before the tv show events right? Then all of a sudden, she wanted to bring this into fore. Maybe she was mulling on this on her vacation and wanted some justice or some reveal to happen. I don't know. Main question. What was her motive to come to the show - For them to apologize. She tells that beforehand. I guess she must have called them or confronted before for the apology. She might not have got what she wanted, so she took it to the next level - TV show. So, what was her plan (after the aids reveal) if they don't apologize. Get the gun from her bag and force them? Kind of stupid! So seriously what was her motive??? Reveal to them in a shocking fashion that they could have contradicted aids? To shame them on TV? Expose them? That seems like a more probable reason. What if they don't act as they have done any wrong? I really don't know. So all three must have had raped her or some form of sexual acts on her judging by their reactions on hearing the reveal. The guy who employed her asked for some sexual favour for money. But knowing she has aids she shouldn't have indulged in that, but that guy is bad for asking for sex but still I don't know if she should transfer the disease knowingly. Friend's dad guy and temple dude did bad things to her when she was not conscious, so they are very much in the guilty side. They raped her! But it's okay she don't want to file a case or anything, she just wants them to apologize to her. Not very good scenario if all girls just want apologies if something horrible happens to them. But I guess she didn't want anything more from them, because she was feeling guilty that they might have contracted aids and she didn't tell them after what they have done to her. Also the bashing scene of her (for not revealing being an aids patient) by the host was so stupid, because if they (the 3 bad guys) did anything bad to her, it was while she was NOT conscious except that guy who hired her. Any 'fault' on her part might be that she didn't inform them but they were monsters, I don't think they deserve that info considering she didn't report to the authorities, maybe that was best punishment for them. So everybody ignoring that aspect is just plain stupidity. Aruvi kind of mentions about it in a blitz but it wasn't stressed enough in the movie. Major plot point - Shooting the director of TV show The 'All hope lost aids' card can't be played like that while she shot the director. She could have just shot up the ceiling if she wanted everyone to quieten down. Also she could have really lost control and shot the director but then the scene was not convincingly set up, she didn't look angry or anything to commit the act. And this scene is very important because it changes the whole dynamics of the film. When she shot that director, you can't argue she was trained in shooting. Though she saw the gun from her childhood, it's not like she has shot or practised shooting. So basically, she could have killed the director which is very much important, you just can't take life of a person just because you are sick of the person or irritated or angry or whatever. She just met that guy! You can't claim that this was all a plan because she herelf confirms everything got out of hand. The fact that she carries her gun in bag is very unsettling, plus the bullets! What is she preparing for. So was she staging a big commotion on a big regional TV, if so it would be for nothing. The ragging scene. Blah. I was like all the people in the TV show room must be knowing at this point that she is just messing around and stuff. Felt more like put in for comedy relief and to reflect the hypocrisy in reality shows about everything being staged and not real. She could have just walked off at the start itself and surrender to the police. But she just wanted to be a college senior for a while, mess around and later feed them. Kind of like an exposition scene to show how loving,caring, funny she is? Police catches her. I understand they be kept in medical camps but that doesn't mean that all aids people can cause crime and not be punished. What happened in between, did I miss anything? Doesn't the case still exist? Well it was a national news and a hostage crisis case's culprit (also an attempted murder, also shooting the director itself could be brought in focus her mental instability ) can't be released just like that. Even if all the people involved were to be like she was very loving towards us or we were treated nicely etc, we don't have any complains, can a case of such public attention and high profile be left like that and not punished. No security details around them???? How did she, how can she escape with such deteriorated, fragile health and supposedly police surveillance around her? How did she acquire money to living alone somewhere remote, consuming her ART medications and cooking stuff, internet connection? I don't know the legal side to all this so there's that. The last scenes were projected as the sad scenes, didn't really feel real to me. While she was explaining about how she missed everyone and how she was scared, the director could have atleast removed the background sad music to make it more real and though wind sounds were put in it doesn't at all feel like something taken in a smartphone, her voice was so crisp and clear (ADR done in a studio), it removed the originality. Also the above things bothered me and took me out of the scene completely. (Also how did they track her down, it's not like she told anyone her address and if it was possible to track her, I can't imagine how much media people would be trying to get to her because she presents a great story. And like I said above is the case still on, doesn't the police want her for court trial?) Finally this is all seems like a rant (having myself read this essay) but I don't want this to be so. Just a thought process by an average joe. Maybe there is answers to all questions that I have posed here, but from what the movie showed me, I wasn't satisfied. For me the film is a flawed attempt with a good short film at the beginning.

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