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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by esteepswong 9 / 10 / 10

It would be great if Hong Kong could still produce such movies these days.

This 1995 effort might be 7 years old now but it has to be a collector's item for fans of the cop and robbers genre. This movie has all the ingredients that an action cop movie should have with all the bang-bang guns, car-chase, explosion, double-crossing, breath-taking fights & etc. Come to think of it, you would only find all these in a Hong Kong action movie if only Chow Yun-Fat, Jackie Chan or Jet Li in it. However this movie has neither of them and instead we have Danny Lee, the truly police image actor of Hong Kong show business. Looking back at the actor's filmography, we can find almost 8 out of 10 of Danny Lee's movies, he would have played a cop so who would have been a better choice than him to play this role in this movie. Alongside Danny Lee, we have hunk Michael Chow playing his side kick and together these 2 really bonded as a pair of crime buster. A pair made in heaven. Unlike in Lethal Weapon whereby we also have 2 cops, one straight and the other bending the rules, here we see both Danny Lee and Michael Chow portraying roles of similar attitudes and similar in motives. That's the different here. The movie shot almost entirely in Taiwan about both Danny & Michael being summoned to assist the Taiwan authorities on narcotic cases. While in Taiwan, they unexpectedly bumped into a drug trafficker (Yee Fan-Wei) who has earlier outwitted them in a narcotic operation in Hong Kong. From here on our heroes unearth more and more unexpected events that's breath taking all the way till the end. The conversation dialogue in the movie comprises a mixture of both of Cantonese and Mandarin and that's the comic side of the movie. There was suppose to be a love plot between Danny Lee and Jean Wang in the movie but with all the actions in the movie, there was no time left to develop it which is the little disappointment in the movie. There was a hint at the ending of the movie that there might be a sequel. However it's been 7 years now since this movie has been released so a sequel would really be doubtful. This is a truly entertaining Hong Kong action flick that would not disappoint those who love movies in the action genre like Heat, Lethal Weapon & etc. I have not enjoyed any movie lately, as much as since Te jing ji xian feng a.k.a. Asian Connection, that has the quality to surpass it in terms of action and entertainment. If only they could still produce such great stuff these days, wouldn't that be great. It is truly recommended as a collection.

Reviewed by Movie-Misfit 7 / 10 / 10

Entertaining HK Action Thriller!!

The wonderful Danny Lee isn't shy of a cop role or two in his illustrious career in Hong Kong cinema. Almost 8 out of 10 films after his days at Shaw Brothers, features him in such a role - some proving to be middle-of-the-road, and some being highly enjoyable. Thankfully, Lee's Asian Connection is the latter... Produced by the man himself through his company, Magnum Films, we follow cops Lee and Michael Chow as they try to bring down some local drug dealers. When a fake deal goes awry; seeing them lose $5,000,000 after the dealers disappear down a manhole as well as having their undercover agent brutally murdered - an extended cameo by a young Nick Cheung. The pair are soon sent to Taiwan to work on a connecting case, where they soon see their HK dealer, played by Ricky Yi Fan Wai - actor from hits like The Outlaw Brothers, Unmatchable Match, and a number of Danny Lee films. He also has an uncanny resemblance to a certain Tony Leung Ka Fai. It doesn't take long before things get out of hand, with murder, car chases, explosions, and HK cop Michael Chow getting caught up on the inside, pretending to be a drug dealer under the watchful eye of a villainous, Blackie Ko. I have always enjoyed Chow as an actor, having seen him in a number of Jackie Chan films of course, and in Asian Connection he continues to entertain bringing some laughs to the action thriller as well as getting in on the action! Director David Lam, the man behind Ti Lung's classic First Shot, as well as the latest run of 'Storm' movies with Louis Koo; is joined by the popular Yuen Tak who also serves as the film's action choreographer. Between them, they manage to provide a highly entertaining action film with a host of great actors on board and some very memorable moments. Tak's action choreography brings a grittiness to things, with some brutal moments and strong violence that work well, from bullets to the head at point-blank range, one-on-one fights, and some cool shoot-outs. There's even some neat car chases, one featuring Lee and Chow on a moped which is hilarious as the extra-tall Chow screams in fear because of Lee's driving - his big legs sticking out, and knees hitting the passing traffic. A hint of romance is teased between Danny Lee and Jean Wang, but it never really gets the chance to go anywhere with such a serious storyline taking centre-stage. Wang plays the assistant to the Taiwanese the police chief, played by veteran actor Chen Sung Yung from movies such as The Big Boss, Child Of Peach, and Prison On Fire 2. Although it may have a run-of-the-mill plot-line, Asian Connection stands a bit taller than the rest with its great cast, some brutal violence, and some great stunt work and action scenes. That includes a fun finale with Danny Lee giving his best impression of Michelle Yeoh in Police Story 3: Supercop, as he drives his motorbike up a ramp to land on top of a moving train in order to catch the bad guy. When all is done and dusted, our heroes say goodbye to Taiwan leaving viewers with a comical freeze-frame that put a smile on may face... Overall: Very entertaining and a lot of fun, Asian Connection will keep fans of Danny Lee and Hong Kong cinema very happy!

Reviewed by bishopmichael28 7 / 10 / 10

Hong Kong Cinema - Asian Connection

Although not your typical nostalgic fare this movie really brought me back to those fun action movies of the 80s and 90s. First film that came to mind as I started this movie with its gritty realism (prevalent in this median) was Lethal Weapon. I grew up with Lethal Weapon, LOVE Lethal Weapon, but I can only watch it so many times. This movie brought me back to that time when I wished I could have watched these movies, but never knew they existed or they were too "grown up" for me. Since I've grown tired of the typical American 90s action movie I've looked to the East for their offerings in Action Cinema. Asian Connection does not disappoint in leaving me optimistic that my journey into the amazing period of Hong Kong Action Cinema will be an experience. The story was at first a little hard to follow. It does pick up and provides enough to keep you interested. I drifted once or twice during the film, but when I came back in I realized I didn't miss much. If they are yelling and or there is exciting music you must pay attention in this one. If you are exploring Hong Kong Cinema and are in this era then I would say this is a must see. If you are looking for something to replace your tired 90s Action Cinema from Hollywood this is serviceable. If you are looking for an amazing action movie that defines a genre and culture this isn't it. One thing is for sure. I want to watch more and plan on documenting my odyssey through Hong Kong Cinema.

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