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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sparklyguitars 7 / 10 / 10


I actually liked this movie a lot more than I thought I would. At first glance it seems like a typical teen movie without any substance, but trust me it's not. I think the way Allison Burnett structured everything was very cool and the ending was thought-provoking. The ending confused me at first, but after I re-watched it a few times I think I get the idea. The whole movie, we were seeing her life through the eyes of her blog-viewers. At the end, we're still her blog-followers, except that now Katie/Amy has gone missing, and her mom is writing the blog entry. Amy had been embellishing her stories. In reality, her life was much less of a soap-opera than we thought it to be. Shows that perspective changes everything. What really goes on behind the TV, the news, gossip magazines? Probably something completely different from what we think.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10 / 10

final twist needs better foreshadowing

Katie Kampenfelt (Britt Robertson) is cheating on her boyfriend Rory with the older Dan Gallo (Justin Long) who has a girlfriend named Martine. To her mother (Molly Hagan)'s dismay, she's deferring college for one year. Her counselor suggests that she write a blog. Her father (Robert Patrick) is a drunk ex-sports writer. She gets a job at Glenn Warburg (Martin Sheen)'s bookstore. Her mother's boyfriend Mark finds out that Warburg has a criminal sexual past and she's forced to quit. Then the Spooners (Christian Slater, Kimberly Williams-Paisley) hire her to be their nanny. Jade (Gia Mantegna) is her best girl friend. Joel Seidler 3 years older from school keeps calling. This story needs somebody to streamline the myriad of characters. If the older flings can be combined, it would allow them to be more compelling characters. There are so many characters vying for screen time that the movie becomes scattered. Also the early light tone is off-putting especially with the promiscuous girl. It's not a sex romp and needs some dark seriousness injected into it early on. Britt Robertson is an interesting young actress who keeps this movie on track. Then there is the final reveal. No spoilers. It's a fascinating turn but one that has little foreshadowing. I wasn't looking for a reveal and it's not as compelling. By comparison, a great reveal like Sixth Sense has a ton of clues.

Reviewed by morganleigh-77173 5 / 10 / 10

Are you kidding me with this ending!?

First of all, I would like to make it clear that I have not read this book, nor did I see any previews for the film before I rented it. I was very interested in the journey of the main character as a young and somewhat promiscuous girl coming out of high school, and trying to find herself and deal with her many issues through the use of an anonymous blog. I actually would have given this movie about a 7, UNTIL, I was completely blindsided by the absolutely ridiculous PSA that was tacked on as a twist ending. Those last 5 minutes ruined the entire movie for me. I thought that the story of this young girl dealing with her demons and coming to terms with how difficult and confusing life can be was honest and easy to relate to. However, there is absolutely no reason that this story needed to take such a drastic turn into some type of abducted girl/murder mystery in literally the last 5 minutes of the film. Please do not misunderstand me, I love a good twist! However this was in no way good, or added anything positive or interesting to the story. In my opinion, the ending felt like some poorly made public service announcement, warning parents of the dangers of social media. Granted, those dangers are real, but this was an awful way to portray them! Not only did this character's change her own name, and the names of everyone she wrote about, there was no evidence that she wrote about where she lived or worked. Furthermore, none of the 3 men that she became involved with during the course of the film, she met online. Therefore, what the hell was the point of adding such a ridiculous, and honestly deflating, ending to an otherwise interesting movie!? I am aware of the danger of creating this alternate life online, but I do not feel that in this particular case, it made any speck of coherent sense with the rest of the story. I rated this film a 5 because I did like the main character, and felt that all of the actors involved gave a good effort in their performances. However, if I could rate the ending only, it would receive a something like a -2, and that's being generous. I blame no one other than the writer/director for this lower score.

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