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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Teknofobe70 4 / 10 / 10

Edward D Wood Jr ... move over

The US print of "Dracula vs Frankenstein" begins by introducing us to an alien species who intend to invade and dominate the human race. At a travelling circus, they encounter the real-life skeleton of a vampire count. Apparently all you need to do to revive this vampire is to remove a flimsy wooden stake from it's heart (I'm surprised it hadn't just fallen out already). The police detective quickly clocks on to what the aliens are trying to do, and launches an investigation. The aliens manage to resurrect Daninsky the werewolf, the mummy Tao-Tet and the monster created by Farank ... Frankstele ... oh, let's just call him Frankenstein. Anyway, the aliens begin to succumb to human emotions and Daninsky turns against them, and thankfully the monsters all turn out to be complete wusses and are easily defeated. Yay! And, of course, it's all rounded off with a nice moral to the story (that doesn't actually make a whole lot of sense in context), and a suitably apocalyptic ending. Mini-skirts, dancing, cheesy music, flashing lights ... yes, this movie is a product of the swinging sixties alright. Although it was titled "Dracula vs Frankenstein" in the US, the vampire isn't Dracula and there's no sign of Victor Frankenstein -- and at no point do the two of them fight against each other. "The Werewolf vs the Mummy" might have been worked, but I would have gone with something like "The Werewolf vs the Monsters of Terror". Heh. Frankenstein's monster and Waldemar Daninsky are both played by Jacinto Molina, which is impressive but not as much as his multiple roles in the later movie "Howl of the Devil". The lead actor is the brilliant Michael Rennie who famously played Klaatu in "The Day the Earth Stood Still", although here looks like he's at death's door (and unfortunately, he was). In the innocent, charming style of filmmakers such as Ed Wood, the plot here mixes horror and science fiction elements together in a way that makes absolutely no sense. The aliens are wonderfully B-movieish, with all the obligatory coloured lights and disembodied robotic voices present. In a way it's more conventional than most of the Daninsky movies, adhering to as many B-movie stereotypes as is humanly possible to cram into one film. In a sense, it's the ULTIMATE B-movie, so it should be very popular among that crowd -- it has everything they could ask for. The acting is pretty much what you'd expect and the dubbing is particularly good comparatively. The makeup for the four monsters isn't great, but certainly not the worst I've seen. The mummy inparticular has a great death scene ... It's a very, very silly movie, but if you're a fan of bad B-movies, look no further. Aliens, vampires, zombies, werewolves ... how could they go wrong?

Reviewed by Classic Camp 6 / 10 / 10

The video doesn't do the movie justice.

I first saw this movie on t.v. almost 20 years ago as Assignment Terror, and was excited when it first came out on video. Unfortunately, the video cut about 9 minutes of total running time from the film, retitled it as Dracula Vs. Frankenstein and left it as a jumbled, incoherent mess. Most fans will also be confused because Dracula and the Monster never fight in the entire film. I'm not saying this was a great film to begin with, but some of the editing complaints seen in earlier reviews come from the video version, not the original release. In its original form it was a strange yet fun action/horror movie in Paul Naschy's Werewolf Waldemar series. Naschy also plays the Vampire (Count de Mierhoff), Mummy (Tao-Tet) and Franksollen monster whenever possible. Michael Rennie is one highlight, and gives his best possible attempt at making a profound statement in his last speech in the film. I'm surprised they even left that in, since most of what they took out was the plot. Apparently the video production figured no one pays attention to plot in a movie like this anyway. And yes, that's the same Karin Dor who appeared in Hitchcock's Topaz in the same year. Hopefully, when this comes out on DVD they'll get it right.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10 / 10

Monster mix in Universal Picture style written and played by the Spanish legend Paul Naschy or Jacinto Molina

An alien (Michael Rennie's final film) schemes to conquer earth bringing a doctor (Karin Dor) and a surgeon (Angel del Pozo) back to life . The alien from a dying world uses his knowledge to re-animate various earth monsters . Later on , the trio goes to the ¨chamber of horrors Showside¨ containing the skeleton of count Meirhoff (Manuel De Blas who married the co-protagonist Patty Shepard , recently deceased) , Dracula-like , and he then relives . The doctor alien tries scientific experiments to bring life various monsters but results that their bad habits to emerge , including the werewolf Waldemar Daninsky (Jacinto Molina or Paul Naschy), Frankenstein's monster , the mummy Tao-Tet , and the vampire Count De Meirhoff . Meantime , a Police Inspector named Tobermann (Craig Hill) is investigating the strange deeds . While, Waldemar falls in love and the events get worse . This is a humdrum adaptation based on Universal monster movies from a story and screenplay by Paul Naschy or Jacinto Molina Alvarez . As always , Naschy repeats his classic role , here the third performance as Waldemar Daninsky, and the only one that the character was a supporting role , the fourth would be the successful "Night of Walpurgis" . It's a particular version from ¨House of Frankestein¨ in which a doctor tries scientific experiments to be born and cure various Universal monsters as Dracula(John Carradine) , hunchback (J.Carroll Naish) , werewolf called Larry Talbot(Lon Chaney) , monster Frankestein( Glen Strange) , among others . ¨Monstruos de terror¨ is an atmospheric , slick terror film , an amusing monsters mixture , creaky at times but it's still acceptable . Fim displays passable set design , ambitious screenplay with too many monsters and average interpretations of all casting . This is a pretty entertaining European horror movie though packs absurd situations and cheesy frames . US distributor Samuel M.Sherman chose "The mark of the Wolfman" for his pre-booked 'Frankenstein' title, passing on the opportunity to showcase this film, which actually features a 'Frankenstein' monster ; he also believed that this film's European distributor ripped off his Al Adamson title "Dracula vs. Frankenstein." Little budget film though produced by Jaime Prades who was associated to Samuel Bronston , both of them financing blockbusters as ¨El Cid¨ and ¨The fall of the Roman empire¨. ¨Monsters of terror¨ is an atmospheric as well as eerie movie that contains bemusing scenes when appear the various monsters and take place their confrontations each other in some ridiculously made scenes , including primitive special effects . The picture has numerous "older technique" FX such as transparency , ancient computers fulls of buttons and lights , matte paintings, blood similar to tomato , reverse-footage , excessive make-up ; all of them were made by FX expert Antonio Molina and make-up artist Ramon Ferrer . It's a slight fun with professional make-up , naive special effects , appropriate set decoration and functional art direction . You will watch it and think it is either awful , hilarious, a masterpiece, or all three . It's a simple entertainment with embarrassing images , naive special effects , campy production design and evocative setting . Although critics do not appreciate much this picture ; however has a kind of loopy , Ed Wood quality that must be endured to be totally considered . The fable is sometimes silly and laughable , though a few Naif effects and action are professionally made . Some illogical parts in the argument are more than compensated for the excitement provided by the monsters appearance though some scenes are a little bit cheesy . Thrilling and frightening musical score by Franco Salinas . Colorful cinematography by Godofredo Pacheco , but being necessary an urgent remastering and filmed on location in Casa Campo, Madrid, San Martín Valdeiglesias, Madrid, Ermita San Frutos hermitage, Sepúlveda, Segovia and Munich, Bavaria, Germany . While not a hit during its original run, the film became a limited success when reissued many years later considered to be one of the best worst terror films of cinema history . The Argentinian , nationalized Spanish writer/filmmaker Tulio Demicheli so consistently mixed the good with the mediocre that it became quite impossible to know what to expect from him next . He directed Gazpacho Western as ¨Tequila¨, ¨Arriba Sabata¨ and ¨Man and a colt ¨ . Demicheli had a long , prolific career , working from the 40s , he directed all kind of genres as drama as ¨Herida Luminosa¨ , Thriller as ¨Ricco¨ , adventures as ¨Son of Captain Blood¨, ¨First adventure¨ , Spy sub-genre as ¨¨Il Nostro Agente a Casablanca¨, ¨Dirty game in Panama¨ , ¨Misión Lisboa¨ , Giallo as ¨Coartada en Disco Rojo or Two faces or fear¨ and Horror as ¨Monstruos De Terror or Assignment Terror" ¨

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